Casual Friday: Quarter-Length Shorts


Well, Friday is upon us and therefore another edition of Casual Friday. Last week we explored the forgotten Chacabana, a staple of hot weather outfits across the sweaty world.

Today I will advocate the three-quarter-lengths short. Now, before you tune me out, just give me a chance to offer why this thing is worth your time.

The first thing you’re thinking, I’m sure, is that I’m trying to push on you “male-capris.” I guess, to an extent I am. However, let me tell you why these are worth-while.

I come from Egypt, and it’s not exactly proper to wear shorts, unless you’re at the beach or playing some sort of sport/activity requiring physical movement. Outside of those categories, its odd to see men wearing shorts.

It also is very hot. I also know that other places, besides Egypt look down upon shorts. But I’m sure you’re thinking, “my country loves shorts!” (meaning you’re probably Australian) “so why does this matter to me?” I’ll tell you why.

No man can be taken seriously wearing a pair of shorts. It is damn-near impossible. Maybe I’m wrong, but I get the sense that the second you’re wearing a pair of shorts, your credentials go out the door.

So what is the solution? I argue, it is the 3/4 short. I don’t think you should be buying the Dakine short above. If you bike, it seems quite useful. However, a pair in linen, fitting looser from the body, seems to allow you to not only be taken seriously while keeping cool. It seems to afford the wearer to ability to wear sandals without looking like a bum.

Those are the reasons, I put forth, that a pair of 3/4 length shorts are acceptable. Pairing the linen short with contrasting linen shirts, or polos, or maybe even a Chacabana (haven’t tried it myself) can provide the wearer the ability to look casual, rakish, without looking like a unkempt bum.

However, never, under pain of death, wear this things with a button-down shirt. It will look odd, I promise you, and undo all the good you did with forgoing your regular shorts.

Osama Eisa


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