Brooks Brothers Regent Fit


I got some really positve responses from the last Suit Saturday. The big question that I got was about fit. The pocket-square thing was pretty easy to understand, but what a lot of people didn’t understand is how I can advocate Brooks Brothers, yet talk about slimmer fit.

Brooks Brothers has you covered. They not only make slim-cut shirts and pants, but they also make suits and blazers in what they call the “Regent Fit.”

The Regent Fit has slimmer lines, thinner lapels, and an overall more “European” fit to their clothes. The blazer above illustrates the point rather well. Now, while metal buttons are a bit much (as are golden buttons, don’t try and be “ironic” it doesn’t work) I suggest taking the metal buttons off and replacing them with white buttons.

This blazer will last you a long time, of that I can assure you, and at around $200 bucks it isn’t that bad of a deal. Just realize that you can change aspects of clothes you buy, that you can see potential in things. That goes especially for clothes from consignment or thrift stores, but that doesn’t mean that clothes from more commercial brands are not “error-free” themselves.

You can check out this blazer here.

Osama Eisa


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