Hurt Couture


I’ve returned from my unexplained hiatus. Do forgive me, especially you Osama. I’m usually very particular about what I post. Truth be told I find maybe 50 things I love on the internet every time I sit here long enough. I feel like 50 posts a day would piss you guys off, and creating 50 drafts to post at a sequential rate would piss me off, so I stick to what I would like to describe as “epic shit”. Like a leather band aid for example. Perforated of course, it’s the summer and perf’ed leather is the order of the day if given a choice. Now this is about as manly as band-aids get, right after Transformer and/or Batman band aids, but if you ask me real men don’t wear band aids, but I’m guessing real girls don’t like blood dripping from their real men. Just a guess. Scott Amron decided to apply his conceptual/experimental art mind to first aid and described it as “Hurt Couture” (clever little bugger) and priced it at $18. All I’m going to say is no one tell Nelly about this or it might start an epidemic of a different kind, and definitely don’t tell him about the Louis Vuitton print option or we’re gonna have a cutting issue in the hip hop world.

*via – R29

Mikhail Budhai

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