Why The iPhone Doesn’t Matter: IBM Seer

Okay, you might have a Blackberry Storm or an iPhone and figure you are on either side of the “best phone ever” battle. The truth is, it seems that our passion and zeal for whichever side you’re on (or unnervingly neutral, read: Mikhail Budhai) is a moot point. Why? IBM has just brought out their new Seer technology.

Before we get into the actual product, can I just say the name is poor? Seer, I understand is like the person who see’s plus the “er”, for the, y’know, SEE ER. It just looks like Seer, pronounced sear, it’s just poor, they should’ve thought of something better, but I digress.

The question is, why is this so cool? The phone uses your camera to actually manipulate the reality you see. It is really awesome, and frankly, since this technology seems to be paired with Palm (since IBM teamed up with them) it might make Steve Jobs’ apple cronies and, well, whoever Blackberry’s spiritual guru, CEO, and vegatarian chef/motivator is to work that much harder on making cool stuff.

Osama Eisa


1 Response to “Why The iPhone Doesn’t Matter: IBM Seer”

  1. 1 Ryan June 22, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    I wouldn’t be so quick to make such a bold claim. They’re demoing the software on Android – not a Palm. IBM’s relationship with Palm certainly makes it easier for them to develop software for their devices, but I doubt they will want to limit support to just Palm. The reality is, any device with Java support, GPS, a camera and a magnetic compass could run the software. While Java isn’t currently enabled on the iPhone, its ARM based architecture supports it natively…the iPhone’s market share and software distribution model is too great to ignore…not to mention, from the looks of the interface in the demo, they could use a little of the Apple touch. Cool stuff though, thanks for posting it.

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