Getting Fired From a 5-Star Resort in Five Days or Less – Part III

Hi everyone.

This week’s addition of the article is going to change slightly. We at Eleven sincerely enjoy us some 1st Amendment. I mean, we eat that shit up. So in order to protect it and still be fair, we’ve decided to change some names and how we present this article to you.

A little late I know but we’re trying, so give us a break.

Instead of putting it up on the blog, if you would like to read Parts III-??, then email me, the author, at and I will personally email them to you with a nice little note attached. Service with an e-smile!

It was in no way the intention of this writer to interfere with anything that might be a fruitful experience for someone else and feels that his personal experience shouldn’t be taken as a reason not to go to this absolutely beautiful place. This was meant to be a humorous memoir and nothing more. I apologize if this caused any resentment amongst the populace.

Just try and get a politician to publicly say something like that!

For those of you interested in the earlier parts, part I can be found here and part II can be found here.

Ryan Evans


1 Response to “Getting Fired From a 5-Star Resort in Five Days or Less – Part III”

  1. 1 Ryan "Buttlicking" Evans June 28, 2009 at 10:03 pm

    Hey man it’s Eric. The article is hilarious and incredibly well written. I want to read the third installment man. SEND IT! Either there or through FaceBook or somewhere. Thanks man. Can’t wait to read it dude!


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