Gamay, I Ga-Love You

I found this on and thought to myself, “Hmmmm…wine poetry? Sweet!” I especially liked it because I’ve been on a real Beaujolais kick recently. Just something quirky I thought you readers might enjoy!


Many a place, they plant Gamay.
Especially in France at Beaujolais.
Where they have a fascination,
with carbonic maceration,
and wine that’s softer than Cabernet.

They make a wine, they call Nouveau.
It’s purple and pink like lilies of Van Gogh.
On the third Thursday of November,
they merrily go on a bender,
until passing out on the steps of the chateau.

Gamay’s a wine to pair with every meal.
With chicken or fish, or a nice piece of veal.
Some say it’s oh so fruity,
and it’s sure a thing of beauty.
But drink it when young for greatest appeal.

France’s Gamay has crossed the sea.
And it’s as good over here, I guarantee.
It’s eagerly drunk round the nation.
Oh that whole grape fermentation.
Give me Gamay for lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea!

Ryan Evans


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