The Monocle, New York


So, forget the fact that he’s paired black with brown, though some do not have issues with that, but let’s just give credit where it is due.

This gentleman from New York has tossed society’s social pressures to the winds, because he does not just wear this Monocle, he owns it.

It’s not even just because his jacket fits him perfectly, or that his jeans are at the most appropriate length for a man his age, or that his handkerchief is folded in perfect silk-pocket-origami.

It’s because he is being rebellious without feeling the need to go over-the-top. Sure, the punk movement was cool (when it was real) but being rebellious for the sake of rebellion gets old, reeks of bourgeois aimlessness (I know, who the fuck are we to talk about bourgeois?), and is just, well, boring.

So the lesson of the day, for all of us, is to rebel well, do so softly, but carry a big stick.

Osama Eisa


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