Perspectives, Chukwuma ‘Chu Boi’ Morah


Our guest blogger this week is Chukwuma Morah, known to many simply as “Chu.” He is a recently graduated Industrial Engineer from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and is no stranger to the blog scene. He is a staff member to video game blog PushingPlay, runs his own blog Chu Boi, and has an always interesting Twitter. We sat down with Chu to discuss fashion, man-bags, and mullets.

11: What are you listening to right now?
Chu: Two things in particular; first, Fun Punch by Bag Raiders. If you were a kid in the 90’s then you will understand why this video is incredible. The second is the Green Hill Zone remix of Fergie’s Glamorous, which samples a beat from the first video game I ever owned, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Sega Master System II.

11: That Bag Raiders song is beyond catchy, the video has some pretty awesome video-game style. Speaking of style, who has influenced your personal style?
Chu: Early 2000’s Pharrell, when he was simple and less Louis Vuitton.

11: Pharrell was so cool, especially when he was making videos with very little light and riding BMX bikes. The more important issue though is a mustache ever inappropriate?
Chu: Never, unless it has bits of food in it.

11: I’m sure food in any folical body (is that what you call it?) would be pretty inappropriate. Mustaches are seriously underrated, in my opinion. So is the impact of shoes, so I have to ask: What are your favorite pair of shoes?
Chu: A pair of custom made Super Smash Bros. Chuck Taylors made by a fellow RIT alum. The Mona Lisa doesn’t have shit on those. The creator says he’ll make me a pair someday.

11: I think I have to beg him to make a custom pair for me too. Those shoes are fashion, some people don’t get that, so I have to ask: Do you believe fashion is important?
Chu: Yes, but what’s more important is putting your own personal spin on fashion. I see fashion as a form of opinion and not pictures in a magazine. I would rather form my own opinions rather than magazines do it for me.

11: I honestly agree. I know we’re supposed to be a magazine, but I’d hope that we offer less spin and more diverse opinions. We always talk about rules in fashion, what rules of fashion do you never break and which do you break?
Chu: I only have one: Don’t wear anything with ‘Ed Hardy’ on it. I haven’t broken it yet.

11: That is a fantastic rule, in fact, it sounds like “The Golden Rule” of fashion if you ask me. However, there seems to be serious debate on this issue, and we have to ask: What are your thoughts on man-bags?
Chu: Wearing a man bag is like casting Keanu Reeves in a movie. Man-bags only work well with very few people like how casting Keanu Reeves only works well in a very few movies. And by very few movies, I mean he was only good in The Matrix and nothing else.

11: You obviously haven’t watched Sweet November.. and neither have I. Moving on! What’s the first thing you notice in another person’s outfit?
Chu: Whatever part of the outfit that doesn’t make them look like everyone else.

11: I think people should adapt that outlook onto political candidates; as a Presidential candidate, what would your slogan be?
Chu: “ ‘Children are the future,’ my ass. I’m the future!”

11: We have to do well in order for our children to do well is what you’re saying. It seems that we have to overcome mistakes from the past, speaking of past mistakes: would you rather have a Jerry Curl or a Mullet?
Chu: Jerry Curl, of course. Have any blacks ever had mullets? Is that even possible?

11: Chu, we too thought the mullet was the last holy relic of white men, until Kanye broke barriers.

We’d like to thank Chu for giving us his time and for a great interview. Stay tuned for his posts throughout the week.


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