Inglourious Basterds: A Movie So Cool It Doesn’t Need To Be Spelled Right.

So I was flipping through facebook today and found this on B.J. Novaks’ fan page (yes I think he is hilarious and anyone who watches The Office shan’t disagree).

It is the new trailer for the movie Inglourious Basterds and whoa does it look good. A funny/action-packed movie that is focused on a special American military ops group that just goes around and kills Nazis? Count me in. If only it had Mike Meyers it would really be something worth…oh wait…IT DOES HAVE MIKE MEYERS! And it isn’t some stupid Love Guru-type role for him. At least, not that I could tell from this Inglouriously awesome trailer.

But we shall see. Maybe Brangelina’s tough times can translate to another amazing Benjamin Buttion-like role for Bradley Pitt…damn he just gets all the good movie parts doesn’t he? I’m calling my agent right now and giving him one hell of an earfull…as soon as I get an agent….and some talent.

Ryan Evans


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