The Car Shoe

Immagine 13
Photo by Roberto Farruggio check

We all are aware of the classic car shoe, a simple leather or suede leather (the Italian summer favorite) for a comfortable shoe which has the particularity of having rubber knobs on the back of the heel, this was purposefully done for driving purposes so the shoe wouldn’t get ruined in the everyday driving use. The concept of the car shoe however isn’t quite that old but has transformed from being a purely drivers shoe to being a shoe used for nearly every occasion, used from the use on the beach with shorts and no socks to be worn with a full suit. However there is one brand so far, which makes the car shoe the way it’s supposed to be done, from fancy colors to different leathers for an all year use. As seen in the picture The Original Car Shoe in red suede leather makes for a very fashionable look but like an Austin Martin is able to pass by completely unnoticed. Such a shoe is hard to come by, yeti f you have the occasion and are in the market for a good pair of dress shoes, forget it, buy yourself The Original Car Shoe in any color you like, green, brown, purple or red, I twill go with anything.

Elliott Ebrahimi


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