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Perspectives, Chukwuma ‘Chu Boi’ Morah


Our guest blogger this week is Chukwuma Morah, known to many simply as “Chu.” He is a recently graduated Industrial Engineer from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and is no stranger to the blog scene. He is a staff member to video game blog PushingPlay, runs his own blog Chu Boi, and has an always interesting Twitter. We sat down with Chu to discuss fashion, man-bags, and mullets.

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Getting Fired From a 5-Star Resort in Five Days or Less – Part III

Hi everyone.

This week’s addition of the article is going to change slightly. We at Eleven sincerely enjoy us some 1st Amendment. I mean, we eat that shit up. So in order to protect it and still be fair, we’ve decided to change some names and how we present this article to you.

A little late I know but we’re trying, so give us a break.
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Getting Fired From a 5-Star Resort in Five Days or Less – Part II

In case you missed the first part of the Babala Chronicles, check it out here.

Magic Skim-Milk Producing Sink

Back Side, or Backy, is Hungarian but grew up in Serbia. He speaks Hungarian, Serbian, English, and maybe a few other languages that I missed. I was too busy trying to figure out what I was doing my whole life instead of learning to speak foreign tongues. I think I was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and dreaming of ways I could meet/marry/runaway with Sarah Michelle Gellar. And not necessarily in that order. Backy’s real name is Gabor Bali. The funny thing is, Backy (or Becky as he referred to himself in a message) is a little bit better for him than Gabor. In Serbian, Gabor actually refers to an ugly girl. He explained it to me one day when we were walking that people use Gabor to describe a girl walking by the same way we in the U.S. might describe a butter face.  So he even asked that I refer to him as Backy and not “ugly girl” in this article. Well Backy, I got your…back.
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Getting Fired From a 5-Star Resort in Five Days or Less – Part I

God Is In The Details

Hell's Hotel

(Certain names and the names of places have been changed. However the events that took place here really happened. Oh yea, they happened.)

As I write this, I’m packed into seat 50k in the back corner of a daunting Lufthansa plane. The person in front of me has their seat as far back as it can go, the person behind me has their knees as far into my seat as they can manage, and the person next to me is taking up 99.98% of the armrest. God that pisses me off but after the past few days, all I can think of is the Serbian phrase, “bochi boya.” This is spelled phonetically since my tiny, travel-sized Serbian-English dictionary doesn’t have such complicated phrases, such as “it will be okay,” amongst its much thumbed through pages. Nothing crazy, just a phrase that has somehow managed to become a personal mantra of mine over the past few days. (I was recently informed by my good friend Back Side that it is actually spelled bice bolje)

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Bookmarks, Josh Tetreault (Part 3)

Photographer friends of mine:



RJ Shaughnessy

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Bookmarks, Josh Tetreault (Part 2)

Some more friends who do enlightening work:



Nancy Wu

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Perspectives, Milly July


A Ms. Milly July joins us this week on Eleven, supporting her thoughts, dropping some knowledge and speaking about her new mix-tape the Sneak Chamber, which is set to drop at the end of this week (May 22nd). You can listen to some tidbits of the mix-tape at Milly’s website for the meantime and enjoy a brief interview between Milly and us next…

11: What are you listening to right now Milly?
Milly: Alabama- In a Hurry

11: Beard and partial mullets go a long way in my book. I consider them main elements of my personal style. How about you, what influences your style?
M: Takashi Nakanishi & Nick Drake

11: Ya know, what ever happened to the good ol’ days of Nickelodeon. Double Dare? Global GUTS? Pete & Pete? Salute your Shorts!? UGH. Dude has epic bangs though. Alright, completely unrelated unless Nick Drake’s bangs are so long he could actually wrap it around and tuck it under his upper lip, but do you ever think a mustache is inappropriate?
M: “You got money to pay for fake mustaches huh?” – Stewie Griffin

11: Gotta love it. Do you have a favorite pair of kicks?
M: Madfoot Madcrown Yellow Tang

11: Do you believe fashion is important?
M: It’s as important as you allow it to be.

11: What rules of fashion do you never break and which do you break?
M: There’s a rule book?

11: EXACTLY! Well said. What are your thoughts on man-bags?
M: It’s all luggages to me.

11: What’s the first thing you notice in another person’s outfit?
M: Jeans

11: I still rock the JNCO jeans, not gonna lie. You can fit a small child into the back pocket of one of those bad boys! Okay, so, if you were running for president, what would your slogan be?
M: Love and peace, love and peace, love and peeeeeeaaaaaaace!

11: As always, my favorite… would you rather have a Jheri Curl or a Mullet?
M: Jheri Curl

11: DAMN! No hesitation! I think the Mullet originally had a fairly big lead, but is slowly falling back into place. Milly, thanks so much, we look forward to your thoughts this week. For all of you that skipped the top blurb of this post, be sure to check out some sound bites from Milly’s upcoming mix tape entitled the Sneak Chamber here.

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