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Suits With Shorts, Florence

pitti 29

I am usually no fan of the Suit + Short combo, but if you have to do it then do it like this. This gentleman found by Plastic Choko in Florence’s Pitti Uomo (a conference and trade show of menswear) illustrates Italian Sprezzatura. I just think the hair doesn’t have to follow suit, but I shouldn’t really be talking about hair choices.

Osama Eisa


Do This


As usual, it is the style masters of yore that set the standards. If you are to wear a khaki suit, you have to decide how it will look.

The “problem” with khaki suits are not the suits, it is because many times the people who wear them do not decide whether they want a more casual look or not. This gentleman does not have this problem.

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Don’t Ever Do This


Outback’s slogan, “No rules, just right,” is bull shit. This is proof.

Osama Eisa

Real Retro, Chicago


It is summer time, and some people still like to wear suits. The issue is that many times, they seem to forget that there are various other fabrics other than wool.

This gentleman from Chicago, illustrates his understanding of both the worth of summer-weight fabrics, and more importantly, how to pull a retro look without looking like a douche.

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Florence, Italy 2

Last week I brought you a few select pictures of interesting things that pass me by everyday, as you see this summer is dedicated to traveling and experiences abroad from all of us at Eleven. For this week I only have a few select pictures, as it has been quite rainy and not very eventful. 


To start off, Italy is a very crowded place, in terms of traffic, the only effective way to get anywhere in a city is either by scooter, motorcycle or bicycle.

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Casual Pin Stripes, Singapore


This Malaysian gentleman found in Singapore illustrates how to take more “formal” clothing and translate it into a casual outfit. The secret is in the details.

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Veteran Style, Milan


One of my favorite blogs for style, is Advanced Style, which showcases the best street style from around the world, focusing on those that made the 50’s classic, the 60’s revolutionary, the 70’s experimental, and the 80’s excessive.

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