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I’m a 22 year-old senior studying hotel/resort management at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.

Eleven Essential Items

1. [Favorite Shoe] My favorite shoe right now is a pair of cognac slip-ons from Aldo. Comfortable and versatile, I can wear them pretty much anywhere.

2. [Favorite Accessory] Light gray worsted wool Kangol- It’s got that same Kangol feel that the old “playas” go for but designed for a younger man.

3. [Go To Coat] I have a 3/4 length dark grey herringbone coat that I wear a lot. I can put it on over a hoodie with jeans and timberlands or I can wear it with a nicer outfit when I go out.

4. [Favorite Top or Suit] A black 3 piece suit with faint blue pin stripes. That’s my go-to suit.

5. [Favorite Bottoms] I’m pretty much a fan of Gap straight leg jeans. They fit well, are ok on the wallet and can be dressed up when needed.

6. My Fender Strat- I really don’t have too much time to play guitar like I used to but whenever I’m stressed out I’ll picked it up and play a little tune or turn on the overdrive and act like I’m Jimi… or Prince. Check out an old school vid here… don’t laugh! I was a baby.

7. My Netbook- Netbooks are on the rise and for good reason. I own a Dell Mini 9 and it’s the greatest thing ever. Small and convenient, it actually makes you like lugging a computer around.

8. My knife set- I love to cook, so consequently I enjoy high quality kitchen/entertaining tools. The knives were a gift and I only break them out when I’m cooking a big/special meal.

9. The Blackberry- ‘Nuff said

10. Playstation 3- Always a welcome distraction, the PS3 provide hours of entertainment, whether it is via video games or Blu-ray movies. I gotten more than my money’s worth out of it.

11. Last but not least, my family and friends- Without them, all I would do in this world is pay taxes and die.

Alvin J.B. Roberts, III


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