Photo by Eric White

Eleven Essential Items

1. [Favorite Shoe] My Serafini Sport “Italia” are the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn and combine easily with a jeans and t-shirt.

2. [Favorite Accessory] Breitling – Hercules. I’ve worn this watch since I was eighteen, it’s a family present and as such I will continue to wear it until I will be able to afford my own.

3. [Go To Coat] There are two coats I usually wear. For warmer days I always grab my Burberry Jacket, think, wind and water resistant, combines with everything. For the colder days I take my Burberry Duffle Coat. No matter how cold, it keeps me warm.

4. [Favorite Top or Suit] Massimo Dutti Saber tooth lavender shirt. I got this shirt over the summer and it’s become my favorite one. It’s simple and subtle, but stands out at a second glance.

5. [Favorite Bottoms] Roy Rogers Jeans “Nick”. These jeans are the most comfortable, amazing, user-friendly jeans I’ve put on in my 20 years, and I have had a lot of jeans.

6. I have one sweater I adore, yet it’s the most common sweater one could find, but I can’t wear it enough. Boggi Light Virgin Wool Navy Blue V-Neck Sweater.

7. I have a few suits but one I am particularly proud of. My Boggi Navy Blue Pinstripe, 3 Button, 3 Piece. Simple, astonishing price for the amazing quality and it is definitely a competitor with higher end suits.

8. I’m somewhat addicted to my Blackberry 8830, I tend to have mini freak-outs when I can’t find it. I use in the states, in Italy, Germany and every other place I usually tend to go and it’s been the best digital travel companion.

9. I got a pair of Technics SL 1200 some time ago, completely broken and to be thrown away, after a few days of fix ups they look like brand new, in perfect working condition.

10. I’m a motorcycle fanatic, my room at home has helmets upon helmets, I designed a few myself and I love getting a new one every so and so often.

11. The one thing I am most proud of is my MvAgusta F4 motorcycle. I build it myself, all special handmade parts, countless hours of work. I tend to freak out when it gets dusty, that’s why it’s under glass in my living room.

Elliott Ebrahimi


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