Photo by Eric White

Eleven Essential Items

1. [Favorite Shoe] Cordovan wing-tips
Ask anyone that knows me, and they will be sure to tell you that when it comes to my shoes, these make an appearance more than once a week. Theses are my perfect go to shoe, they match both brown and black, and can be dressed up or down. Yes please. 

2. [Favorite Accessory] A camera
It’s not my major, it’s not my hobby, photography is my mindset.

3. [Go To Coat] Black wool toggle coat
In the dark tundra of Rochester, a warm coat is the only thing to keep you from freezing solid. A nice looking coat is simply a bonus and this one does it for me.

4. [Favorite Top or Suit] Dior Blazer
Sounds ritzy right? Yeah, it was 16 dollars from The Salvation Army. It’s double breasted, fitted and slightly cropped, arguably one of the most amazing things I have found at any consignment shop.

5. [Favorite Bottoms] Levi 511’s
No fancy labels, no frills, just nice fitted denim.

6. Ray-Ban’s
I have always love a little nod to the retro era, these are a classic frame that fit my face. Yes, they have become “trendy”, but the roots of Wayfarers still strikes a good note in my book. 

7. My iPod
This is one of those “if you were trapped on a desert island” things for me. 

8. Silver Pendant
Before my mom passed away my senior year, she had small circular silver pendants made with her thumbprint on the front for me and my brothers. I wear it every day. It’s by far the most important thing I own.

9. Assorted Fine Tipped Sharpies
For any bored kid’s doodling needs. 

10. Brown Leather Bag
My very first man bag. This is still one of my favorite ways to carry all my stuff around. It’s simple enough to dress up, but rugged enough to throw around without worrying. 

11. Bandanna
Another homage to my mom. She had cancer and wore bandannas as head scarves every day for 4 years. I was lucky enough to acquire her collection after she passed away and I wear one in my back pocket almost every day.

Eric White


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