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That’s Dolce And Gabbana


This gentleman from New York is dressed head-to-toe in Dolce and Gabbana. It doesn’t really look like what people associate with Dolce, but that is what is cool about this image. People associate brands with certain aesthetics, and breaking from that is blasphemous for many people out there.

What is great is that this gentleman finds little need to follow Dolce’s mantra, but he obviously does value Dolce’s styles, fabrics, and cuts. Just because something isn’t necessarily clearly “Abercrombie” let alone “Soo Dolce,” doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it. If it looks good, feels good, and you like it, fuck what name is on the label, this is just fashion, its supposed to be fun, enjoy yourself.


Diversity of Style, New York


There is this sense in the fashion world that your friends have to mirror your personal style. Personally, I think it sounds like we should all be in gangs like The Warriors. Being around people who are not like you, whether that is in thought, dress, or culture, is actually good for you. Surrounding yourself around people who are centered upon non-conformity tends to foster people who actually, conform quite a lot.
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Mod Squad Cool, New York


I am not sure how to stress that the success of an outfit is based all most entirely by how well the garments fit. This gentleman from New York illustrates this point emphatically.

Osama Eisa

Kanye, No More Mullet?


I was just going through shots at altamira, seeing all the style from London fashion week, and I saw Kanye West, sans mullet.

Did Kanye actually cow-tow to the pressure of people questioning his choices with the mullet? I wonder if Kanye is capable of even acknowledging that people might have not caught on with Kanye’s hair choice. 

Though, I have to say that cardigan is pretty sweet. 


A Custom Coat


We have not shown love to altamira for a long time. I have to say, altamira is the best blog for truly practical conceptual pieces of fashion. I was talking with some other bloggers about who is the King of fashion blogs, The Sartorialist undoubtedly came up, but I honestly think with work like this from altamira, it seems that The Sartorialist really isn’t the only game in town.


The Dramatic Coat


It is no secret that I am a huge fan of altamira, and this coat, which is quite the find, is a major example as to why.

It is true, it is a very extreme example, espiecially coupled with the dramatic gold of his bag, but, at the same time, it makes me think that I should probably just grab something as crazy as that coat and pair it with something really somber, just to create a new sort of shock-fashion: anticlimatic fashion.

It’ll be sweet.


Unique Coat, NYC


Again, the master at altamira shows why he is fast becoming the premier style hunter in New York. The coat has the most interesting closure and the second set of buttons on the gentleman’s right gives the coat such a different dynamic.

A very unique look.

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