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Desert Boots for Another Crowd


So many of you have followed our appeal to the promulgation of the desert boot. Contrary to what many people believe, that shoe is not some sort of fad or waning consumer obsession. Sure, it might have been pushed by various media as the premier footwear choice for leisure, but the truth is that it is quite the classic item.

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Diversity of Style, New York


There is this sense in the fashion world that your friends have to mirror your personal style. Personally, I think it sounds like we should all be in gangs like The Warriors. Being around people who are not like you, whether that is in thought, dress, or culture, is actually good for you. Surrounding yourself around people who are centered upon non-conformity tends to foster people who actually, conform quite a lot.
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Lost Souls Trickers


Some people just don’t like how boots look. English brand Lost Souls wants you to reconsider whether the boot can be for you or not. With its Trickster design, Lost Souls melds traditional wing-tips with fashion-forward boots.

They are a bit pricey at £175.00, but check them out here.


Homage to Gianni Agnelli


I know this image is a little small, but, it is so awesome, it doesn’t even matter. People have asked me why I like Agnelli so much, and it is things like the above that really set him apart. He is in the middle of a conference, wearing boots with a suit, and those are some serious stompers he has on there.

People forget that he was not just some random guy who inherited money like many stylish folks in New York, he actually made his own money and was the head of one of the most important companies on Earth (that’s Fiat, ps).

Why is this important? It just shows that even with the added pressure of being the head of a company and the parameters that such a role entailed, he still found space for his own quirks. The cool thing is that they truly were his own. That is why I admire him.

Osama Eisa

The Berlin Effect


The temperature might be warming up–albeit slowly–but that does not mean you can’t appreciate looks for a colder climate. The scarf is clearly my favorite element of this gentleman from Berlin.


Nom De Guerre & Red Wing


Nom De Guerre, a high-fashion label that you might have never heard of have teamed up with Red Wings to collaborate on the successful line of Red Wing Inspired boots that we talked about earlier.

The boot is made out of tough waterproof nubuck, with all the tough Red Wing tread and goodyear construction. The only place you can buy this shoe online is here, though have fun with the price, especially in comparison to the original Red Wing boot.

Osama Eisa

Mod Squad Cool, New York


I am not sure how to stress that the success of an outfit is based all most entirely by how well the garments fit. This gentleman from New York illustrates this point emphatically.

Osama Eisa

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