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All The Right Details, Milan

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Fit is usually everything in an outfit. If those jeans were a little too long, or that rain coat a little bigger, he would have looked sloppy, unkempt.

This young gentleman from Milan shows the edgier side of Milanese men’s fashion, which is often overlooked for the more tailored and traditional sorts of fashion.

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Generic Man Shoes


The Generic Man is a shoe company founded in 1997 by Kevin Carney in New York. Why he decided to name his company “The Generic Man,” is beyond me, especially when you offer two-tone dress shoes with powder blue patent leather.

While not my style, Generic Man offers some interesting takes on classic shoes, such as the penny-loafer. Don’t think these are all dress-shoes, most of them are actually some forward-thinking sneakers, but, of course, these caught my eye.

You can check out their catalog here.

Osama Eisa

A Bespoke Shoe


A bespoke shoe is essentially the indicator that you have run out of ways to spend your money. That was usually because a bespoke generally cost several thousand dollars. There are many non-custom made shoes that run into the $1,000+ range. What does that tell you? That there is art, craftsmanship, and quality that take the concept of a bespoke shoe to a higher level.

Michael Andrews Bespoke is hoping to take the bespoke range of shoes and bring it to the masses. Well, the masses that can spend six to eight hundred dollars on a pair of shoes. Right, this might be a little much for many and frankly, it is quite a lot of money for a pair of shoes. However, if you want to really put your money into something that will be the most comfortable and unique shoe you’ll ever own, this might be your way in.

Check out “affordable” bespoke shoes by Michael Andrews here.

Osama Eisa

Florsheim and Duckie Brown.


Collaboration between old masters and young green horns is not new. It is becoming pretty common and dare-I-say trendy to be able to say that your clothing items are actually made with some care rather than in China.

Duckie Brown and Florsheim have teamed up to make several takes on classic styles, such as the Saddle Shoes (pictured above) with that oh-so-youthful “twist.”

The Saddle Shoe, I warn you, will be the go-to shoe for this Spring, and such as Desert Boots have domineered the meetings of this magazine and the streets of urban areas around the world, so will the saddle shoe, to my deepest regret, become “trendy.” It will be thanks to people like Duckie Brown who will lead this latest sartorial charge. For shame.

Osama Eisa

Monk Strap Shoes


“Osama, dress shoes are so boring…” Is the common complaint I get when talking to people who have told me that they have considered going to a more suited approach to their style. They say they love the shirt and tie, the suit, the lines, but they are not the type who wants to wear sneakers with a suit. Frankly, sneakers with a suit is a daring thing, and something someone at Eleven will cover, probably tomorrow.

Back on topic, the above monk strap shoes offer an alternative to the boring lace-ups that people are more accustomed to seeing. The name does betray their origins, they did in fact originate from the footwear of monks, who favored the strap to lace-ups or other slip-on versions offered before.

Now, the three pairs are expensive, that I cannot deny. They are (from L-R) Dolce & Gabbana $350; Miu Miu $515; and Santoni $1,495. Before you start freaking out and tell me that I am pushing an item and look that is not easily affordable, just remember that the key to pulling off a look that is “expensive” is to make sure you get the details right and that you keep it simple. Like so:


Do those look nice? Well they are from and they cost $66. You can buy them here.

I think there is a misconception that when we share certain looks which we like, that does not mean that everyone at Eleven has the means to buy what we post. It also does not mean that buying expensive will guarantee you anything.

Fashion can be bought, style cannot.

By: Osama Eisa – Editor-in-Chief

Grenson Shoes

The story of Grenson shoes is tough; it begins with four-year-old William Green and his recently widowed mother moving to Rushden, Northamptonshire in the heart of England. The area was known for its shoe-making to begin with, and the geography ensured that all the elements of a great shoe and great shoemakers were there.

Learning as an apprentice and then applying those skills to make boots with his mother, and being a shrewd guy he was able to move up the hierarchy of shoe making. The history is on their site and is really interesting as it discusses–in detail–the process in which Grenson became, well, Grenson.

They are a favorite of many fashionitos, editors, and men looking for an extremely well-made, durable, and classic shoe. Check them out, their no-nonsense site echoes the simplicity, utility, and craftsmanship they have at Grenson.

This shoe is my favorite so far.

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