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Don’t Ever Do This


This may be cool in Berlin, it is not cool any where else. I am sure that the authorities are tracking this man down in Berlin, and I’m not talking about Stacy London.

Osama Eisa


Suit Saturday: Wearing a Suit Without Wearing a “Suit”


Last night I was at dinner with some friends, and one of them asked me what exactly constituted the proper attire for going out. I guess many guys think they simply have to pair suit jackets with some oddly striped shirt that they untuck so that they look “more casual” (ps. don’t ever wear a shirt with that many stripes).

Whatever you want to wear to “go out” should be appropriate to A: wear you’re going and B: the weather. If you choose to wear a suit, go full out suit and don’t be embarrassed to do so, you’ll stand out (in a good way) unless you’re going to a Rodeo Bar.

So how do you wear suit elements without wearing a full out suit? Here are my thoughts and suggestions:

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Casual Friday: Suede Loafers


I know, you’ve seen Suede Loafers on this blog before. You’ve probably seen it many times. However, the pair featured today are not pricey like those Tod’s, but that doesn’t mean you can pair them with last Casual Friday’s three-quarter length short.

So what is the purpose of this shoe exactly? Well. It’s $60 and you will use it often, I promise you, here’s why:

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Do This


As usual, it is the style masters of yore that set the standards. If you are to wear a khaki suit, you have to decide how it will look.

The “problem” with khaki suits are not the suits, it is because many times the people who wear them do not decide whether they want a more casual look or not. This gentleman does not have this problem.

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Don’t Ever Do This


Outback’s slogan, “No rules, just right,” is bull shit. This is proof.

Osama Eisa

Brooks Brothers Regent Fit


I got some really positve responses from the last Suit Saturday. The big question that I got was about fit. The pocket-square thing was pretty easy to understand, but what a lot of people didn’t understand is how I can advocate Brooks Brothers, yet talk about slimmer fit.

Brooks Brothers has you covered. They not only make slim-cut shirts and pants, but they also make suits and blazers in what they call the “Regent Fit.”

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Suit Saturday: The Pocket Square


It is Saturday, therefore my weekly comment on what elements to put in a proper suit is here. Last time, I discussed the benefits of the double-breasted suit. The pocket square, like the double-breasted suit must be worn properly for it to work.

Now, before you think I’m going to fawn over Mad Men because they happen to have some suits here or there, you’re wrong. The picture above, on the right, the pocket square, is wrong and I hope you never ever wear your pocket square that way.

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