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Cookie Cards



This is absolutely brilliant; business cards for The Bombay Bakery that you can nibble right up! And yes, I just said nibble.

*Cards created by Dizzy Design / Mumbai
*Images via One Show

Ryan Haigh


The quest for the sandwich that DC, MD and VA really doesn’t sell (Part One)


I thought I would initially start this blog series out with a slightly biased tale of my almost everyday life. Out of my many jobs, one of them involved working for an awesome tax lawyer. He’s a great guy; a family friend you could say. Without having to unravel history… early last year I went to NY to hang with a friend. Had a great time. My second day there I receive a phone call from my older sister. She said, “Hey, I told Ohn you’re in NY he wants you to get him food.” My response was of course, uncontrollable laughter. She continues on saying, “Oh and he wants it hot.” Mind you I’m a good three to four hours away from DC. My second response? “Oh yeah, don’t worry I’d just steal a domino’s delivery bag.” Ending part one short, I got the sandwich and the three pieces of cake and Mr. Tax Lawyer guy enjoyed this food. Why am I bringing this up? Today, May 19th, is his birthday and if you’re reading this I’m mostly likely half way to NY to pick up his same order and magically make it back in time to DC for his party.

This is where the dots leave you for part two

*Image via NY Mag

Milly July

Grillz Candy


That is, no joke, a form of candy that you can buy. By the box.

What the fuck.

The Ultimate Spice

wine and food pairing

Andre Simon once wrote, “Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” This is still true for us today. More and more of us are being converted to wine drinkers, or wine sippers for the not-so-hardcore winos out there. Our generation, the millennial generation, is currently one of the biggest purchasers of wine compared to other age groups. So we like wine, whether we are first time drinkers or have had our fair share of practice (freshman year colony parties wwhhaatt?), but what’s next? I mean wine has made my table elegant; it has caused every day to become civilized…now it’s time to let wine make your meal into an occasion. Continue reading ‘The Ultimate Spice’

Springtime Lovin’

Spring time is finally here (well, not exactly). Not only are buds blossoming, but that young lady you’ve been cozied up with all winter may become permanent. Something like a formal date is due, so here’s a couple ways to go about a picnic. I’m sure it will  impress your lady friend while capturing the essence of the new season:
Note: The dopest blanket you can find is essential for this date. See “Real Men Dig Picnics”

  • Breakfast Bungalow: Early riser? Try making it out for a breakfast picnic. A step up from your basic pancake/waffle stint, a crepe is a good direction to go. A thin pancake, if you will, crepes are very easy to prepare (they literally take about a minute to cook). Some prep is required the night before, but it’s worth it. Served hot or cold, crepes can be filled with absolutely anything. Pair this with some fresh fruit and some mimosas (OJ if she’s not into morning bubbly) and you’re set. Sneak in an opportunity to embrace while enjoying the crisp morning air.
  • Buddy Brigade: Depending on your situation, your crew may or may not be familiar with your gal. If they are, all the better. You all can catch up and grab a bite to eat. If not, some lunchtime shits-n-giggles would be fitting. This will give everyone a chance to know one another, while keeping things casual. Either way, she’s bound to have a good time. The awkwardness that can possibly arise when flying solo on a date can also be avoided in this situation.
  • Bedtime Brew: Too busy during the day? My favorite of the three, a night-time picnic, is a great option. Head out to the most romantic little spot you can find – a small nook nestled among the trees, somewhere overlooking water, a gazebo if you’re really lucky. To make sure you guys can actually see one another, I suggest some LED candles (safety first!). Bring along some wine (or beers…or soda…or whiskey. shit, whatever you’re into) and your game face for this one. If she’s a free-spirit, nothing will be more fun than a game of Ultimate with a glow in the dark frisbee. Sky’s the limit with this date!
Now I can only give these three – the rest are up to you. But take heed, my friends, and she’ll be with you in no time…
Kelly Brown

Menes Outdoor Cooking Table

Outdoor cooking table

Outdoor cooking table


I present to you the Menes Outdoor Cooking Table by Alpina. This cooking table is both sleek and functional and will provide a needed remedy to the summer heat that will attack kitchens as well as one’s desire to cook in them. The table is made for light cooking and easy entertaining. It’s designed to handle fondues, carpaccios, cheese plates, fruit and grilled vegetables. I really like this table and I only wish I could get it imported from Belgium. There is no price listed on the website but I can only assume that for the aesthetic value, let only quality of material and convenience , it’ll cost you a pretty penny. My personal appraisal of the table was found using this simple equation:

Menes Outdoor Cooking Table+ great ingredients+ great wine +great friends = A great Summer night (which is worth more than what you pay for the table)

Now, usually, pieces like this would be in Antonio’s realm but, after having it brought to my attention by my esteemed colleague  Eisa-san… I had to give my two cents.

Check it out here

Alvin J.B. Roberts, III

Liver What??—What about you?

The Infamous Liver Pudding

The Infamous Liver Pudding

Have you ever been watching TV and seen a food that you just couldn’t imagine yourself eating? Maybe in your travels you were exposed to something that you thought couldn’t possibly taste good…While we all have our breaking points, there are some foods that we couldn’t live with out regardless of what others think about them…For me, that food is Liver Pudding. I was raised on it and I honestly can’t tell you what got me into it other than my grandmother cooking it for breakfast.

Essentially, liver pudding is a mixture of pork livers,head parts, pork broth, corn and wheat meal, salt and spices, ground together and molded into a brick. You slice it, heat it a skillet and devour eat it. Personally, I like to eat it in sandwich form with a fried egg on top. I am 4/4 in the “getting friends to try it” department with only one of those said friends actually liking it. I think it’s in my top 3 things to eat behind Louie’s Texas Hots and BBQ Pork Shoulder.

With a distribution area limited to parts of N.Carolina, S.Carolina and Tennessee, it’s a rare treat that I get to partake in only a few times a year. Trust me, it’s worth the wait…

And since I know I am not the only one to experience this, I want to know what you, the readers, indulge in. What foods do you eat that others may think is weird strange, or just downright gross…Leave your comments here. Hell, let’s make it a contest! Myself and the other editors aka “Da Posse” will pick the strangest or most unique food and the winner will have the chance to blog about their food, right here at Eleven Magazine!!!

Get those entries in!!!

Alvin J.B Roberts, III

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