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Soccer Video of the Day: Nike, Som Un

If you are a fan of Barcelona, or if you want to get oddly pumped up for something, this video will do it. It’s not the sort of thing to get your adrenaline flowing, and make “Down With The Sickness” the soundtrack in your head. It is a sort of quiet confidence, a directed purpose, it is something quintessentially Barca, and their play shows it.

Let’s just hope they can keep it up and put Real Madrid to shame this coming year.

Osama Eisa


Soccer Video of the Day

This video is in Italian. However, even if you don’t like soccer, you should check it out. It is beautiful, and considering it is around ten years old, the art work is pretty impressive.

Osama Eisa

Grazie Il Capitano!


Today we say good-bye to a great champion: Paolo Maldini. He is a few days short of his 41st birthday and has played better than most players at their peaks. He is a class act, a true example for young sportsmen everywhere.

His career has been longer than my life, and I have cheered him on for most of my life and I will miss being able to in the future.

His father was Milan’s Captain, he has been Milan’s Captain, and apparently his son is quite the player himself, so here’s to hoping we get to see another Maldini wear red and black.

Thank you Paolo.

Osama Eisa

Omediatheque, L’OM – PSG

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I am a huge fan of all things soccer, but, I have to say that I am partial to a few teams. One of my favorite teams is Olympique de Marseille, the French team which has some of the most passionate fans in the world.
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Neymar for Nike

You’ve probably never heard of Brazilian wonderkid Neymar, but he is tipped to be one of the next great superstars of world football. Here he is in one of Nike’s latest famous viral videos.

Osama Eisa

Nike: V is for Victory


I have to admit that despite my weak spot for adidas, Nike has really obliterated its closest competitor (adidas). The market that Nike has taken from adidas which is most jarring is how Nike has taken over adidas’ dominance of the football market.

It really has come down to superior marketing. Just see our article on Nike: Ignite; the commercial is epic. Where is adidas response? No where to be seen.


You can see more into the production and the other examples of Nike V is for Victory campaign here.

Osama Eisa

Nike: Ignite

We try not to discuss football (soccer) on this blog very often. It will usually descend into violence, obscenities, and random over-the-top metaphors between myself and my esteemed colleague Mikhail Budhai. However, Nike, ever-conscious of the delicate sensibilities of their emotion-driven customers, produce yet another masterful piece of advertisement.

The video is much better in high quality, so click the “watch in high quality” link underneath the video, you’ll thank me later.

Osama Eisa

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