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Trendy Regression


So we all know how trendy it is to regress in technology. Good thing YUBZ is here to fulfill our latest craving. They allow you to talk on the phone the way you should, with a hand-set curved in a banana-like form.

It is also radiation free, and comes with a handy button to accept and hang up phone calls, no more confusing red and green buttons to deal with! Plus, at a low price of $44.95, you can also choose your color and really be an individual. Thanks YUBZ!

Osama Eisa


Hipsters Rejoice…

A sweet stop-frame short, a cute tatted chick, and a wheelie to boot, enjoy.

Ryan Haigh

American Apparel: Florence


It seems that American Apparel has opened in Florence. Now unique personal branding can be pre-packaged for everyone! Hooray!

The Hipster Criminal Speaks!

True to our generation’s form, the Hipster Criminal responds to her haters. She does this with vimeo (youtube is way too mainstream for her tattooed cooler-than-thou self). She shows her eclectic art taste with her avant-garde art work that you don’t understand either.

Great job Kari, you showed us.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hipster Criminal


Kari Ferrell was a cute Korean hipster girl with a huge tattoo across her chest, who had supposedly worked for Golden Voices (the promoters who make Coachella) and had just gotten a job at Vice Magazine when suddenly, her boss realized she was a one of Utah’s Most Wanted criminals…

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Accidently Trendy


I saw this man a few weeks ago while walking around downtown with a few friends. I was immediately struck by the way all of his key pieces are once again “trendy.” From his vibrant color block nylon jacket, to his big wire rimmed glasses, and even the sloppy knit hat. Was this guy around when all of these things were cool the first time? Was he hip before the hipsters? Who knows.

Eric White

Jamaica, Egypt


Believe it or not, there is a huge scene in Egypt for urban-style and it does not simply involve the upper classes with the cash to do so. One of the most hardcore spots in Egypt is this hang-out called Jamica. Yes, it is supposed to be Jamaica. In Arabic Jamaica is pronounced “Ja Mee ka” rather than the English “Ja May ca,” thus the spelling above.

What amazes me is the cultural power of a small Island in the Caribbean. This in no way denigrates the country, I have the utmost respect for Jamaica. However, considering the population is a mere 2.8 million people, it just goes to show that they obviously know what’s up.

Stay tuned for more shots from around the world of places you never thought of.

Osama Eisa

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