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Love For Al Roker…The Truth For Speidi

I don’t usually buy into what the gossip mags say but one link caught my eye. You see I didn’t see the Today Show today, or yesterday or the day before for that matter, so I missed Al Roker’s interview with Heidi Montag and Spencer “Makes-Me-Want-To-Kill-Myself” Pratt. His awesomely blunt interview. The verbal “abuse,” as Montag puts it, was exactly what these faux-lebrities needed to hear. Let someone with some real clout finally put the question to them, “Are you proud of this? Can you take any pride in these actions.” You can’t spin that too many ways, no matter what claims of “abuse” you make Montag. You both make me sick.

Enjoy Eleven readers.

Ryan Evans


Perspectives, Zuriick Sneakers



Our guest blogger this week is Zuriick sneakers and multiple members of the company. Several members of the Eleven staff wear Zuriick, who produce both understated and rambunctious styles for the sneaker enthusiast. We interviewed Michael McCaleb of Zuriick so that you could get a feel of where he was coming from.

Continue reading ‘Perspectives, Zuriick Sneakers’

Interview with Chris Paul


Chris Paul, point guard for the New Orleans Hornets, is arguably the best dressed player in the NBA. Continue reading ‘Interview with Chris Paul’

Perspectives, Wyld Stallyns


Brace yourself, for I fear this weeks guest contributors could be of the most epic proportions this blog has ever met. Half cape-bearing superheroes, half 80’s music mash-ups, the creative force of Wyld Stallyns will grace the pages of Eleven this coming week. I introduce to you Sir David Fung IV and a Lord Justin Maximus Harsch, the creators of Wyld Stallyns…

11: In your most humble opinion, what beats have nearly gotten the party started most recently?
Justin: Judging me by my music tastes by one artist right of the bat eh? I’m gonna give a shout out to the boys of With the Punches in this spot.
Dave: I’m answering this at work right now with the top hits of today’s music playing… so… I guess I’m listening to the hot new T-Pain/Lil’ Wayne/Rihanna/Kanye/Ne-Yo joint at the moment.

11: That’s quite the collaboration you speak of Dave. Perhaps such a hodge-podge of inspiration can be found in your style. Who has influenced your style gentlemen?
J: The first dude to ever wear jeans and a t-shirt… at the same time.
D: Christian Slater from the 1989 Classic, “Gleaming the Cube” had some fresh style.

11: I’m still waiting on a Paul Bunyan inspirational reference so it could transition with ease into the next question. Nevertheless, is a mustache ever inappropriate?
J: If you’re under 30, it’s rarely appropriate. Because you need to earn it. It’s like a sign of rugged fearlessness. This is the test: If you were on an airplane and a passenger needed to land the airplane… would you want this guy to take the controls? If the answer is yes, than that man deserves a mustache.
D: I agree with that statement except if said man has a ponytail, in which case he‘s most likely the cause of your in-flight terror. Ponytail + mustache = villain. DO NOT WANT.

11: I may even suggest that in the instance of landing a plane successfully, sans stache, you instantly grow a man-stache, one of the most rugged, burly handlebar mustaches that has ever graced the wildest of wests. I digress. With mustaches and spurs aside, what is your favorite pair of shoes?
J: Ask me again in 2015.
D: My Jimmy Choos.

11: Alright guys, for the really reals, do you think fashion is important?
J: Not as long as you don’t look like a tool-douchebag-ugly-pants.
D: Fashion has the power to change the world. If everyone just put a little more thought into whether or not their peak lapel navy 2-button blazer/rugby collared shirt/knit tie/slightly too short khaki highwaters combo appropriately matched their rugged yet sophisticated magenta desert boots, I sincerely believe there would be no war. Mainly because we’d all be too fabulous for combat.

11: Are there any rules of fashion that you never break or choose to break?
J: #5 and #9
D: Comfort. That’s my motto…well, that and everybody Wang Chung tonight.

11: Ahh, fashion rule #5 is a fricken doosy! What are your feelings on the man-bag?
J: I don’t know where I’d be without them. I thought they were called body bags though.
D: I like ’em! I often need a large satchel to carry my most precious items around. Things I need at a moment’s notice like my wallet, camera, notebook, stapler, Big League Chew, VHS tape of All Dogs Go To Heaven, brass knucks, 10 feet of rope, and a Super Soaker 600.

11: Ya know, what happened to the good ol’ days of the Super Soaker 600. Now water guns can practially shoot laser beams and water through concrete slabs. Concrete penetrating laser water! What the hell. Aside from noticing an individuals’ latest statements of water gun technology and Nerf dart guns, what is the first thing you notice in another person’s outfit?
J: … depends on what they want me to notice. If a girl wants me to notice her legs, I probably will. If a guy wants me to notice the band on his t-shirt, I probably will. If a mechanic wants me to notice his name, I probably will.
D: I notice their shirt…and the lack of my hands under it.

11: If you were running for President, what would your slogan be?
J & D: Be excellent to each other.

11: I wish there were an air guitar audio clip to match that answer. Lastly, the most important question of them all, would you rather have a Jerry Curl or a Mullet?
J: People hear Mullet and think this, but it can be tweaked to be quite effective.
D: I think this settles all future debates: Soul Glow.

11: My mind has just been blown. Thank you Wyld Stallyns, for taking a moment out of your day to add your own flair to the pages of Eleven. Looking forward to this whole week.

Perspectives, Yena Kim


Dearest Eleven Magazine viewers,

We’re excited to introduce a new series of weekly guest writers to our blog and we hope you are too! The goal is quite simple; include a unique perspective from our guest writers that we could not provide you.

For our very first week we’ve decided to break the monotony of our boy’s club and include a woman’s perspective. Enter Yena Kim, a 22-year-old fashion designer in womenswear enrolled at NYC’s Fashion Institute. With such a pretty face, us gentlemen at Eleven Magazine couldn’t help ourselves from drooling out a few questions pertaining to the finer, more curious things in life…

11: Ms. Kim, just what in fact are you listening to right now?
Yena: I’m listening to myself type, but more often than not, I listen to Laura Marling.

11: Who has influenced your sense of style?
Yena: Balenciaga (Nicholas Ghesquiere) is up there. Felipe Oliveira Baptista is another one. Silvano Gerani and Guiliana Marchini from Iceberg are also quite awesome.

11: Is a mustache ever inappropriate?
Yena: I think a mustache is very appropriate on the right man with the right do.

11: What is your favorite pair of shoes?
Yena: I actually lost my favorite pair of shoes, they were white glazed pointed wingtips. I doubt I’ll ever find one in my size ever again.

11: Do you believe fashion is important?
Yena: Fashion is very important. As long as humans have eyes, I doubt it will ever stop being important.

11: What rules of fashion do you never break and which do you break?
Yena: For some reason I always wear at least one article/accessory that’s black. I don’t necessarily consider that a rule, more of a personal habit. I also avoid UGGs and Sketchers like a vampire avoids sunlight. No thanks! I do break the rule of never mixing gold and silver. That’s a dumb rule.

11: This topic has been on the radar numerous times as of late so we have to ask, what are your thoughts on man-bags?
Yena: I think manbags are fantastic. In fact, I think it’s a shame when a man is snazzily clad in a tailored suit and they’re rockin’ a one-shoulder backpack. I’ve seen countless manbags that aren’t threatening to the heterosexual image.

11: We may have to go on record to suggest we didn’t pay you to speak highly for manbags. In the case of a sans manbag wearer, what’s the first thing you notice in another person’s outfit?
Yena: I look at whatever the dresser intended me to look at when they dressed themselves. If they’re wearing fluorescent yellow tights, my eyes would probably follow through to the tights. If a person isn’t wearing anything interesting, I’d probably concentrate on facial hair or the size of their pores.

11: Oh god, I hope you’re not starring at the size of my pores. Alright, think fast… If you were running for President, what would your slogan be?
Yena: “Vote for me and I will make all your wildest dreams come true,” (Pedro style).

11: Gotta love Napoleon Dynamite! Speaking of curls, would you rather have a Jerry Curl or a Mullet?
Yena: As much as i want to say Jerry Curl, I’ve been attracted to men with well-fashioned mullets in the past. It’s not something I’m proud of but dang, there’s just something about ’em.

11: One vote for the Mullet! Not bad. Well Yena, we all thank you very much. We have no doubt that you’ll provide very insightful information for our male readers and agreeable arguments for our female supporters.

As you enjoy more words from Yena Kim this week, let it be known that we are looking for more guest writers! So, if you have an outspoken friend or believe that you have compelling topics to share, don’t be shy. Drop us a bit of love (or hate if you’re in the mood) at

Most Sincerely,
The boys at Eleven Magazine

Bob Dylan, How Not to be Misinterpreted.

Bob Dylan as we know, can sing and write. But did you know he can talk? Dylan always had a way with words while being interviewed. He believed that in order for an interview to be successful, he had to make the reporter feel as uncomfortable as possible. At one point in this example the reporter looks as if he is going to cry. Atta’ boy Bobby.

Yes, I am aware that I am a part of this media he is so good at bashing. I am also aware that Eleven Magazine will have eleven interviews per issue, meaning that we could potentially be on the receiving end of such a tirade eleven times per publication. What does he accomplish by talking circles around reporters? To provoke thought and prevent interpretation. So why am I interpreting? Good Question.

Sal Aresco

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