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Suits With Shorts, Florence

pitti 29

I am usually no fan of the Suit + Short combo, but if you have to do it then do it like this. This gentleman found by Plastic Choko in Florence’s Pitti Uomo (a conference and trade show of menswear) illustrates Italian Sprezzatura. I just think the hair doesn’t have to follow suit, but I shouldn’t really be talking about hair choices.

Osama Eisa


Veteran Style, Milan


One of my favorite blogs for style, is Advanced Style, which showcases the best street style from around the world, focusing on those that made the 50’s classic, the 60’s revolutionary, the 70’s experimental, and the 80’s excessive.

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The Tod’s Nuovo Gommini


A pair of drivers are critical to looking fresh during the warmer months of summer. I would argue that a nice pair of suede kicks such as the Tod’s above are an excellent choice. If you’re going  to spend $300 something dollars on a pair, get a loud color like these yellow ones, or a purple (I have a pair) and then wear them without socks and ensuring that the rest of your outfit is understated to balance out the shouting drivers on your feet.

You can check these out here.

Osama Eisa

Street Style, Beijing


As you may have noticed, I am a big fan of the Asian persuasion when it comes to style, and Beijing is one of those style centers that have emerged in the last few years. The best part of Beijing is that you can see so many elements of their culture in their style, it is refreshing to see style that reflects the country itself, rather than some mimicked French/Italian/English standard. More photos after the jump.

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Brooks Brothers Suede Captoe


When it comes to the proper shoes for summer, when you have to dress up, the usual thing you’ll hear are pretty over-done: loafers, drivers, or white bucks. Those are all good and nice, but when you want to bring together something for a more sleek look, say more Italian than prepster, dress shoes in suede tend to do the trick.
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Fare Soldi – “Survivor”

Not only are the visuals awesome, but the song is quite catchy.

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