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Suits With Shorts, Florence

pitti 29

I am usually no fan of the Suit + Short combo, but if you have to do it then do it like this. This gentleman found by Plastic Choko in Florence’s Pitti Uomo (a conference and trade show of menswear) illustrates Italian Sprezzatura. I just think the hair doesn’t have to follow suit, but I shouldn’t really be talking about hair choices.

Osama Eisa


Do This


Truth be told, I honestly don’t remember where I got this from. Judging from the style, I’m betting The Sartorialist; however, if that is not the case, I’d be more than happy to credit whoever.

The important thing is that this gentleman understands that you don’t have to have a pocket-square, or a piece of silk dangling out of your pocket. Many things can work. You can use cigars (even if you don’t smoke), pencils, crayons, or other mementos that mean something to you. The important thing is to make sure it is modest, as proper flamboyance is a learned art, not an intrinsic nature.

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Soccer Video of the Day

So every Thursday I like to put a soccer video up. They usually are cool pieces of production, showing when art and my favorite sport come together. I had a video in mind for today, it was a fancy production.

Today, instead, I place something close to my heart: Egypt beating Italy. The goal is above, enjoy it, I know I did.

Osama Eisa

Veteran Style, Milan


One of my favorite blogs for style, is Advanced Style, which showcases the best street style from around the world, focusing on those that made the 50’s classic, the 60’s revolutionary, the 70’s experimental, and the 80’s excessive.

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American Apparel: Florence


It seems that American Apparel has opened in Florence. Now unique personal branding can be pre-packaged for everyone! Hooray!

Florence, Italy

During this summer many of the Eleven members are traveling throughout the world, here is a little taste of a summer in Italy.


First off we find the gentleman on the motorcycle, the only way to effectively beat traffic in Italy, during a hot summer day a darker brown light cotton pants with dark brown fine sneakers and a white cotton shirt, all covered by a crème suede, light leather jacket.

We then move on to traveling in style, in a city with such rich architecture and art the automobile plays its part, a beautiful automobile says a lot about who you are but a beautiful automobile in a beautiful city is just plain art, as seen with the baby blue Morgan Aero in the middle of Florence.

Further down is the classical image of the older gentleman going for a stroll during late afternoon, its still very hot yet light blue colors with obviously the burgundy brown moccasin are a must. As is the light brown outfit for the everyday.

Elliott Ebrahimi

Grazie Il Capitano!


Today we say good-bye to a great champion: Paolo Maldini. He is a few days short of his 41st birthday and has played better than most players at their peaks. He is a class act, a true example for young sportsmen everywhere.

His career has been longer than my life, and I have cheered him on for most of my life and I will miss being able to in the future.

His father was Milan’s Captain, he has been Milan’s Captain, and apparently his son is quite the player himself, so here’s to hoping we get to see another Maldini wear red and black.

Thank you Paolo.

Osama Eisa

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