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Suit Saturday: The Shawl Collar


Designers go through periods where they mostly begin to run out of ideas. This happened in the 70’s when they just made everything big (big lapels, big heels, big hair) and more severly with the 90’s (grundge and a terrible sequel to the 80’s) so would I say we’re entering in such a period? Not exactly. You see, when economic times are tough, all designers try and go “classic.”

What does classic mean? That is a whole other discussion, but for the purposes of today, it simply means that using more traditional styles and forms. Topman and J. Crew are currently pushing the shawl-collared jacket, like the one above (from J. Crew).

Beware, this jacket is complex and not a simple blazer, and if you try and wear it like J. Crew says, you’re screwed. Here’s why:

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Casual Friday: Suede Loafers


I know, you’ve seen Suede Loafers on this blog before. You’ve probably seen it many times. However, the pair featured today are not pricey like those Tod’s, but that doesn’t mean you can pair them with last Casual Friday’s three-quarter length short.

So what is the purpose of this shoe exactly? Well. It’s $60 and you will use it often, I promise you, here’s why:

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The Knit Tie


Many who attended our “Imagine RIT” display on Saturday asked about the Knit tie we had on one of our mannequins, asking where you could get one of them. The one we displayed came from a thrift store, but, I don’t know of any thrift stores with online shopping, so J. Crew will have to do.

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J. Crew Drivers


It is spring and summer is coming up, that means you want to look good while staying cool. If you’re like me and think flip-flops are just not for you without a beach being nearby, then the driving moc is a great option.

Wear it with shorts, khakis, and jeans; it is incredibly versatile. The problem is that many mocs look either cheap or have excessive stitching and unnecessary varnishes. J. Crew has what they call the Milbrook, and at $99, you really can’t beat it.

Looks good enough to be Tod’s without the price tag. Check them out here.

Osama Eisa

The Suede Loafer.


A loafer is a shoe that is meant to be both comfortable and stylish. Now, I know that suede might have a bad connotation, but take a pair of these brown loafers and pair them with jeans or slim-cut khakis and you will cut quite the figure.

The fact that these J. Crew loafers are only $79 makes it better, but don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Check them out here.

Osama Eisa

The Military Watch


I know, we have a problem with providing watches that are under a million dollars, but I hope to offer a light at the end of the tunnel.

This is a watch that is a product of a collaboration between Timex and J. Crew, it is a military inspired watch and at around $150, is not a bad deal. It is stylish and since the nylon strap is removable, you can go to old school men’s stores and buy all sorts of different straps to make the watch an integral accessory to your everyday ensemble.

Check the watch out here.

Osama Eisa

J.Crew Leather Tote


I want a sturdy leather bag when I have to carry more things than a messenger bag or brief case can handle, or maybe just put a bunch of stuff in for a quick weekend. I stumbled upon this bag from J. Crew, which seems to fit the bill nicely. At $125 it seems to be a pretty good bet, buy it online here.

Osama Eisa

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