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Suit Saturday: The Shawl Collar


Designers go through periods where they mostly begin to run out of ideas. This happened in the 70’s when they just made everything big (big lapels, big heels, big hair) and more severly with the 90’s (grundge and a terrible sequel to the 80’s) so would I say we’re entering in such a period? Not exactly. You see, when economic times are tough, all designers try and go “classic.”

What does classic mean? That is a whole other discussion, but for the purposes of today, it simply means that using more traditional styles and forms. Topman and J. Crew are currently pushing the shawl-collared jacket, like the one above (from J. Crew).

Beware, this jacket is complex and not a simple blazer, and if you try and wear it like J. Crew says, you’re screwed. Here’s why:

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The Rolex Blog

I stumbled upon this blog when wanting to check out some things about Rolex. Rolex is a brand that is associated with rich guys with money to spare, but the reality is that Rolex has a far more complex culture than that.

At Jake’s Rolex Blog, there is a tremendous resource on the brand and its ethos in ways that very few (if any) other places are able to match. The blog is awesome and provides you with an understanding of why people decide to spend that much money on a watch.

The reality is that it is more than just a watch, it is a tool. Astronauts, military men, and explorers have all used and relied upon this watch for one of the most important aspects of our lives: time. If time dictated whether you lived or died, would you trust your life in a Seiko? I think not.

The coolest aspect of the blog that I found was the exploration of how James Bond was known the Fleming novels as a man who only could wear a Rolex, yet today he wears an Omega.

The article can be found here.

By: Osama Eisa

Tag Heuer Sport Watch


This watch from Tag Heuer just won Sport Watch of The Year, so it obviously must be pretty sporty. 

Details? So it has a 50 hour power reserve, which is pretty awesome, it has a 43mm black titanium case, it is also the only automatic chronograph capable of measuring and displaying 1/10ths of a second. 

Frankly, it’s a pretty impressive watch. I’m not sure about the price, let’s just say, it’ll cost you a few G’s.

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