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Tea [heart] Tokyo

Remember way back when, when our pages were blessed by the presence of designer Josh Tetreault? Well, I do, cause he’s the man. Turns out Josh sent me a little update of his most recent work for Tea and their new Japanese inspired clothing line. Josh has brilliantly captured the personality and fun-loving emotions of the kids and clothing, as well as coupling that with the inspiration for the new line of kid’s clothing. Hats off Josh, the video rocks.

Ryan Haigh


The Godzillas of Yesteryear

Fashion ads should stop being so pretentious and return to the raw basics. I found this 80’s Japanese commercial to be no less than a representation of pure genius. It has a bit of everything.

1. Sex appeal: A giant blond foreign woman flashing her *ahem* in the middle of the road while you watch in awe and drive underneath in a convertible.

2. Action: A woman personifying the terrored Godzilla, while balancing such ferocity with fluffly hair, smiles, and a dance.

3. Fantasy: Giant sexy women performing jumping splits over what looks to be the Golden Gate Bridge. That IS my fantasy. What?

Yena Kim

Americana, Japanese Style


Full credit to altamira, this guy truly shows what personal style is. If someone just told you what this guy was wearing, he would just sound like he was wearing typical American preppy clothing. However, the colors, the combination, and just the way he wears the clothes say so much more.

I like images like this because I think it defeats the idea that there is no American style, or that Americans feel the need to “dress European,” as that would be the only saving grace they have. Americans should realize that they have strong design and culturally influence, if not the strongest. The funny thing is, people call Americans arrogant, but of all people in the world, they talk about how much they hate themselves more than anyone.

Anyways, enjoy a different take on American style, courtesy of yet another stylish Japanese gentleman.

If you doubt the Japanese love affair with all things Americana check this out.

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The Japanese Gentleman Part III


This guy, as usual from Kentaro’s blog, shows off traditional Japanese Men’s Kimono, perfectly executed. Now I don’t think men’s Kimonos are going to be the “next big thing,” but I show this image just to illustrate how flexible you can be, espiecially if you come from a culture with traditional clothing. Why not wear it?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Gandhi and wear these traditional clothes all the time, but, I think there is really something beautiful about people wearing clothes that reflect their culture. The fact of the matter is that this gentleman is truly a style king, look below for proof.

Here are the two images from “Japanese Gentleman” Part I and Part II. Recognize the guy?

kentaro11 redblu

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