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Japanese Preppy


It’s kind of bothered me that we haven’t had an example of a suit, and not one from my favorite place for suit style: Japan. His outfit is by no means ground-breaking or anything, but it is well done in its simplicity and the usage of subtle color and traditional elements.

Plus those shoes show what I meant about taking a lighter colored shoe to make a more “safe” outfit simply pop more, without looking like you’re trying.

Osama Eisa


The Japanese Gentleman Part III


This guy, as usual from Kentaro’s blog, shows off traditional Japanese Men’s Kimono, perfectly executed. Now I don’t think men’s Kimonos are going to be the “next big thing,” but I show this image just to illustrate how flexible you can be, espiecially if you come from a culture with traditional clothing. Why not wear it?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Gandhi and wear these traditional clothes all the time, but, I think there is really something beautiful about people wearing clothes that reflect their culture. The fact of the matter is that this gentleman is truly a style king, look below for proof.

Here are the two images from “Japanese Gentleman” Part I and Part II. Recognize the guy?

kentaro11 redblu

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