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Casual Friday: The Leather Jacket


Now I know what you’re thinking, how can you talk about a leather jacket during the summer? Obviously, I’m not suggesting you wear this jacket during the day. In fact, you probably won’t wear a leather jacket most nights.

However, during those random cool summer nights, where a jacket is useful, skip the blazer for a day (I know, I can’t believe I said that either) and try something a little different: The Leather Motorcycle Jacket.

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The Indiana Jones Bag For Everyman


All too often do we forget that the best is sometimes the simplest. Fossil is a brand that should be familiar to many of us, yet it goes undetected way too often. So, in my search for a new messenger bag I stumbled across the Fossil website. Check out their leather duffle and messenger bags, simple design and quality leather for a price that should fit an entry-level budget. Fossil offers a choice between full leather or a leather/canvas mix for that Indiana Jones whiplashing feeling, but don’t be surprised that these bags, unlike many fashion items, are actually quite functional. You will also find that their color combination is a universal match with nearly every outfit. Their light brown color combination will definitely be a looker for this summer. So on your next trip, before you go out searching for luminescent skulls or decide that a roller coaster ride in a carbon mine is a good idea, stop by the Fossil website an get a bag that can carry your adventure gear. 


Elliott Ebrahimi

The Kansai Computer Bag


By Want Essentials, a design house that has an obsession with quality leather goods, comes a take on the notorious “computer bag.” The laptop bag, mostly the stuff of nightmares, seems to be reborn with the sleekness of Want Essentials.

The Kansai (pictured here) is a beautifully crafted bag and is organized perfectly. The leather is of incredible quality and the tan leather above is frankly beautiful.

Check out the Kansai and other products here.

Osama Eisa

Florsheim and Duckie Brown.


Collaboration between old masters and young green horns is not new. It is becoming pretty common and dare-I-say trendy to be able to say that your clothing items are actually made with some care rather than in China.

Duckie Brown and Florsheim have teamed up to make several takes on classic styles, such as the Saddle Shoes (pictured above) with that oh-so-youthful “twist.”

The Saddle Shoe, I warn you, will be the go-to shoe for this Spring, and such as Desert Boots have domineered the meetings of this magazine and the streets of urban areas around the world, so will the saddle shoe, to my deepest regret, become “trendy.” It will be thanks to people like Duckie Brown who will lead this latest sartorial charge. For shame.

Osama Eisa

Japanese Preppy


It’s kind of bothered me that we haven’t had an example of a suit, and not one from my favorite place for suit style: Japan. His outfit is by no means ground-breaking or anything, but it is well done in its simplicity and the usage of subtle color and traditional elements.

Plus those shoes show what I meant about taking a lighter colored shoe to make a more “safe” outfit simply pop more, without looking like you’re trying.

Osama Eisa

Your First Dress Shoe


One of the most overlooked and underrated aspects of a man’s work-wear are his shoes. If you asked me what I think your first pair of dress shoes should be, assuming you had rather finite resources, I’d point you to the Mezlan shoe above. Not because it is the best quality shoe money can buy, but it is a brand that you can find readily without having to break the bank.

At $110, these kicks are on significant sale. Made in Spain and completely constructed of leather (that’s a good thing) you really can’t go wrong with it. Sure, there is a black version of the shoe, but the tan leather speaks volumes of the daring yet controlled personality of the man wearing them.

The reality is that every man should own a navy, two-button suit. It should be cut trim, but not slim, and should be your most trusted suit for both business and pleasure. Mind you, a tan shoe is not versatile, and if you want the versatility of a navy suit on your feet, then buy a pair of brown cap-toes. However, for some daring and a way to let loose your inner peacock without channeling Versace, think about tan leather.

Osama Eisa

Listen to the little leather voices…

il_430xn_446529851 il_430xn_45953838 il_430xn_46569500 This is one item to remember for this holiday season. With the torrential downpour of consumer propaganda, we are almost helpless against the inevitable "empty wallet syndrome" post December. This brilliant design by treeswithknees  makes a valiant attempt to curtail exactly that. With witty reminders like "are you sure?" or "think twice" this may be the perfect gift for the person we all know with holes in their pockets.

*images via etsy

By: Eric White – Style

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