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The Monocle, New York


So, forget the fact that he’s paired black with brown, though some do not have issues with that, but let’s just give credit where it is due.

This gentleman from New York has tossed society’s social pressures to the winds, because he does not just wear this Monocle, he owns it.

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J. Crew Drivers


It is spring and summer is coming up, that means you want to look good while staying cool. If you’re like me and think flip-flops are just not for you without a beach being nearby, then the driving moc is a great option.

Wear it with shorts, khakis, and jeans; it is incredibly versatile. The problem is that many mocs look either cheap or have excessive stitching and unnecessary varnishes. J. Crew has what they call the Milbrook, and at $99, you really can’t beat it.

Looks good enough to be Tod’s without the price tag. Check them out here.

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The Green Cardigan, London


As winter increasingly lingers on, there seems to be a yearning in fashion circles to inject color despite the cold weather. This gentleman from London illustrates how to combine bright colors with warm clothes.

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The Suede Loafer.


A loafer is a shoe that is meant to be both comfortable and stylish. Now, I know that suede might have a bad connotation, but take a pair of these brown loafers and pair them with jeans or slim-cut khakis and you will cut quite the figure.

The fact that these J. Crew loafers are only $79 makes it better, but don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Check them out here.

Osama Eisa

Forcing Cool

This is Hamish Bowles, a very respected member of the fashion community. I saw this shot from my new favorite altamira, and I was just struck in the worst way with this outfit.

I understand the shirt-tie combo is really his sort of shtick, but, that’s beside the point, it was the shoes that really got me. In an earlier post about wearing things because they do not go together, I wrote that I found the outfit refreshing because the counter-culture devise was not the focus or out of place.

This outfit makes a point of having everything put together very well, and then, suddenly, and brazenly going for broke with dusty loafers. I am a huge fan of loafers, but that does not mean I appreciate them when used poorly. This time, was not one of those.

The trick to pulling off a great outfit with things that don’t go together, is that they should not be obviously in contrast, it makes your outfit look like a costume. This was a double-breasted number, his coat was hanging off his shoulders, nonchalant and supposedly elegant. It just looks weird. Maybe weird is good?

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What came first? The Loafer or the loafer? Because one who loafs, is by default, a loafer. And the shoe by the name of loafer was for the most part, built for loafing. But what does it mean to loaf? Is it the act of wearing loafers? Or do the Loafers get their name from their footwear? According to my dashboard dictionary, the noun loafer means:

1. A person who idles time away.

2. TRADEMARK a leather shoe shaped like a moccasin, with a low flat heel.

ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: Perhaps from German landlaufer ‘tramp,’ from Land ‘land’ + Laufen (dialect lofen) ‘to run’

Case in point, its unknown. They first list it as an idle person, second as the shoe, and third they throw in that its origin is to run. Do Loafers really run? No, not unless they are being chased, and even then they are no longer loafers because they have taken them off in order to run, thus taking the loafer, person and shoe, out of the equation. Making the word meaningless, given the former loafer is running. So by the transitive property of Duke Ellington, one who loafs is no longer a loafer given he is wearing loafers.

By that logic, anyone not wearing loafers has the potential to be a loafer given he is potentially loafing. Meaning a loafer, the shoe, has no effect on the person sporting them, given they are not loafing. And a Loafer, the person, can loaf no matter what kind of shoe he keeps on his feet. Making wearing loafers for the sake of loafing pointless.

I rest my case.

By: Sal Aresco

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