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Perspectives, Chukwuma ‘Chu Boi’ Morah


Our guest blogger this week is Chukwuma Morah, known to many simply as “Chu.” He is a recently graduated Industrial Engineer from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and is no stranger to the blog scene. He is a staff member to video game blog PushingPlay, runs his own blog Chu Boi, and has an always interesting Twitter. We sat down with Chu to discuss fashion, man-bags, and mullets.

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Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami

If you didn’t know, Louis Vuitton and Anime artist Takashi Murakami have been collaborating on making your super expensive leather goods fanciful with random cartoon characters and objects appear intertwined with the famous LV monogram.

In celebration of their sixth year in partnership, Murakami has produced videos to mark the event. They are full of color and have little-to-no point; except to promote Louis Vuitton.

Osama Eisa

Casual Pin Stripes, Singapore


This Malaysian gentleman found in Singapore illustrates how to take more “formal” clothing and translate it into a casual outfit. The secret is in the details.

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Lickable Luxury




The photographer Massimo Gammacurta had these created for one of his editorials. They are just too brilliant.

Eric White

Fendi Fall/Winter ’08


When I think of Fendi, I usually think of women’s bags with big “F’s” all over them. I am also not usually a big fan of brands going into things they are traditionally not known for. Fendi and Louis Vuitton are examples of this growing trend of leather goods makers turned fashion designers.

In the case of both Vuitton and Fendi, I think it can be said they have made a rather graceful transition into clothing. Fendi’s latest runway show isn’t ground-breaking or anything, but, it does offer new materials and textures to garments in ways I think very few designers have tried.

The other thing about Fendi’s designs that are appealing is its mastery of a new minimalism. To many advocates of minimalism, they feel that monochromatic color schemes are necessary to pull off simplistic looks. Fendi disagrees in very convincing fashion.

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Karl Lagerfeld’s iPod Trunk


In case you didn’t know but Karl Lagerfeld has an obsession with iPods. He has them all over his house, I know, I’ve seen it (more on Lagerfeld Confidential later). The man is obsessed with them and has to carry iPods with him everywhere, it seems that he’s obsessed with iPods and Books, as he has a vault-like library. 

Anyways, back to the Louis Vuitton trunk. It’s bespoke, meaning custom made, and it is designed to hold JBL speakers (the only thing that Karl listens to) and about 20 iPods. Ridiculous, I know. This sort of work takes about eight months and would cost you a pretty penny, tens of thousands of dollars to be exact. 

So if you need 20 iPods and JBL speakers whereever you go, this is the thing for you. 

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