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Partners + Napier

As many of the gents on staff know, I was fortunate enough to score a job with the exponentially growing ad agency, Partners + Napier. It’s been an excellent experience thus far, and with it comes bragging rights… so here it goes. Partners + Napier recently received a Regional Addy for its video created for Kodak Momentum (an Regional Addy meaning an acclaimed design award that only design gods can manifest). I’ve grabbed a few screen captures from the video, but the video in its entirety can be viewed here.




Also be sure to check out the Partners + Nuggets section of their blog, a witty ensemble of the world’s trends and just plain goofy fun facts.

Ryan Haigh


El Guincho, “Palmitos Park”

This video BLEW MY MIND! All it really is, is a collection of collages; thousands of pieces of paper and a crapload of images compiled into a video. It’s such a simple idea for such an incredible end result. Helps that the music is really upbeat too. Enjoy!

Ryan Haigh

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