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The Monocle, New York


So, forget the fact that he’s paired black with brown, though some do not have issues with that, but let’s just give credit where it is due.

This gentleman from New York has tossed society’s social pressures to the winds, because he does not just wear this Monocle, he owns it.

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The Summer Wedding, New York


Yesterday Vinney showed us a boat shoe that was just a little different than your average Sperry Top Sider. Today he shared with us his outfit to a summer wedding, channeling the 1960’s chic of days gone by.

Osama Eisa

The quest for the sandwich that DC, MD and VA really doesn’t sell (Part One)


I thought I would initially start this blog series out with a slightly biased tale of my almost everyday life. Out of my many jobs, one of them involved working for an awesome tax lawyer. He’s a great guy; a family friend you could say. Without having to unravel history… early last year I went to NY to hang with a friend. Had a great time. My second day there I receive a phone call from my older sister. She said, “Hey, I told Ohn you’re in NY he wants you to get him food.” My response was of course, uncontrollable laughter. She continues on saying, “Oh and he wants it hot.” Mind you I’m a good three to four hours away from DC. My second response? “Oh yeah, don’t worry I’d just steal a domino’s delivery bag.” Ending part one short, I got the sandwich and the three pieces of cake and Mr. Tax Lawyer guy enjoyed this food. Why am I bringing this up? Today, May 19th, is his birthday and if you’re reading this I’m mostly likely half way to NY to pick up his same order and magically make it back in time to DC for his party.

This is where the dots leave you for part two

*Image via NY Mag

Milly July

Eleven at Imagine RIT Festival


For all of our friends in the Rochester, NY area, please join us at the Rochester Institute of Technology tomorrow (Saturday, May 2nd) to celebrate the Innovation Festival. The day long festival begins at 10am and will be littered with an eclectic handful of students, showcasing their brains and brawn. We hope that you’ll take a moment to stop by the Wallace Library, where our booth will be located.

On top of that, we hope all of our viewers will enjoy our nice, new blog redesign. With the help of Pat Cartelli we were able to get things together just in time.

We will also be enjoying the support of guest blogger Adam Contreras from Zuriick sneakers this coming week as well as photos from tomorrow’s event. Keep your eyes peeled!

Being Homeless

A recent video I created to introduce myself to my entire agency. My main goal; make everyone laugh their asses off. Score.

Ryan Haigh

That’s Dolce And Gabbana


This gentleman from New York is dressed head-to-toe in Dolce and Gabbana. It doesn’t really look like what people associate with Dolce, but that is what is cool about this image. People associate brands with certain aesthetics, and breaking from that is blasphemous for many people out there.

What is great is that this gentleman finds little need to follow Dolce’s mantra, but he obviously does value Dolce’s styles, fabrics, and cuts. Just because something isn’t necessarily clearly “Abercrombie” let alone “Soo Dolce,” doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it. If it looks good, feels good, and you like it, fuck what name is on the label, this is just fashion, its supposed to be fun, enjoy yourself.

Partners + Napier

As many of the gents on staff know, I was fortunate enough to score a job with the exponentially growing ad agency, Partners + Napier. It’s been an excellent experience thus far, and with it comes bragging rights… so here it goes. Partners + Napier recently received a Regional Addy for its video created for Kodak Momentum (an Regional Addy meaning an acclaimed design award that only design gods can manifest). I’ve grabbed a few screen captures from the video, but the video in its entirety can be viewed here.




Also be sure to check out the Partners + Nuggets section of their blog, a witty ensemble of the world’s trends and just plain goofy fun facts.

Ryan Haigh

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