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Common Project Patent


I am not a sneaker guy, but these patent leather mid-tops from Common Projects are making me reconsider my stance. Not only are they super clean, but they are interesting without being gaudy. These shoes are actually made in Italy, and each shoe has an individual serial number completely unique to the pair you bought.

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Generic Man Shoes


The Generic Man is a shoe company founded in 1997 by Kevin Carney in New York. Why he decided to name his company “The Generic Man,” is beyond me, especially when you offer two-tone dress shoes with powder blue patent leather.

While not my style, Generic Man offers some interesting takes on classic shoes, such as the penny-loafer. Don’t think these are all dress-shoes, most of them are actually some forward-thinking sneakers, but, of course, these caught my eye.

You can check out their catalog here.

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