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Do This


Truth be told, I honestly don’t remember where I got this from. Judging from the style, I’m betting The Sartorialist; however, if that is not the case, I’d be more than happy to credit whoever.

The important thing is that this gentleman understands that you don’t have to have a pocket-square, or a piece of silk dangling out of your pocket. Many things can work. You can use cigars (even if you don’t smoke), pencils, crayons, or other mementos that mean something to you. The important thing is to make sure it is modest, as proper flamboyance is a learned art, not an intrinsic nature.

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Suit Saturday: The Pocket Square


It is Saturday, therefore my weekly comment on what elements to put in a proper suit is here. Last time, I discussed the benefits of the double-breasted suit. The pocket square, like the double-breasted suit must be worn properly for it to work.

Now, before you think I’m going to fawn over Mad Men because they happen to have some suits here or there, you’re wrong. The picture above, on the right, the pocket square, is wrong and I hope you never ever wear your pocket square that way.

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It’s All Just Fine & Dandy


A while back a gentlemen by the name of Matt Fox contacted us on behalf of Fine and Dandy, an online shop for men’s accessories. Unfortunately, I lost sight of Matt’s attempted connection in my endless abyss of e-mails and it has taken me nearly two months to give Fine and Dandy a shout out. However, as is stated on the online shop’s website:

[Fine and Dandy] caters to the guy who enjoys dressing up. He doesn’t believe in Casual Friday, nor thinks of getting dressed each day as a chore. He has an appreciation for the well dressed gentlemen of yesteryear and is inspired by their unabashed use of accessories. This shop is for that modern man looking for the finishing details to truly be fine and dandy, (Fine and Dandy, par. 1).

Cheers Matt & Charles. Best of luck.

Ryan Haigh

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