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The quest for the sandwich that DC, MD and VA really doesn’t sell (Part One)


I thought I would initially start this blog series out with a slightly biased tale of my almost everyday life. Out of my many jobs, one of them involved working for an awesome tax lawyer. He’s a great guy; a family friend you could say. Without having to unravel history… early last year I went to NY to hang with a friend. Had a great time. My second day there I receive a phone call from my older sister. She said, “Hey, I told Ohn you’re in NY he wants you to get him food.” My response was of course, uncontrollable laughter. She continues on saying, “Oh and he wants it hot.” Mind you I’m a good three to four hours away from DC. My second response? “Oh yeah, don’t worry I’d just steal a domino’s delivery bag.” Ending part one short, I got the sandwich and the three pieces of cake and Mr. Tax Lawyer guy enjoyed this food. Why am I bringing this up? Today, May 19th, is his birthday and if you’re reading this I’m mostly likely half way to NY to pick up his same order and magically make it back in time to DC for his party.

This is where the dots leave you for part two

*Image via NY Mag

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