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Monk Strap Shoes


“Osama, dress shoes are so boring…” Is the common complaint I get when talking to people who have told me that they have considered going to a more suited approach to their style. They say they love the shirt and tie, the suit, the lines, but they are not the type who wants to wear sneakers with a suit. Frankly, sneakers with a suit is a daring thing, and something someone at Eleven will cover, probably tomorrow.

Back on topic, the above monk strap shoes offer an alternative to the boring lace-ups that people are more accustomed to seeing. The name does betray their origins, they did in fact originate from the footwear of monks, who favored the strap to lace-ups or other slip-on versions offered before.

Now, the three pairs are expensive, that I cannot deny. They are (from L-R) Dolce & Gabbana $350; Miu Miu $515; and Santoni $1,495. Before you start freaking out and tell me that I am pushing an item and look that is not easily affordable, just remember that the key to pulling off a look that is “expensive” is to make sure you get the details right and that you keep it simple. Like so:


Do those look nice? Well they are from and they cost $66. You can buy them here.

I think there is a misconception that when we share certain looks which we like, that does not mean that everyone at Eleven has the means to buy what we post. It also does not mean that buying expensive will guarantee you anything.

Fashion can be bought, style cannot.

By: Osama Eisa – Editor-in-Chief


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