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Real Retro, Chicago


It is summer time, and some people still like to wear suits. The issue is that many times, they seem to forget that there are various other fabrics other than wool.

This gentleman from Chicago, illustrates his understanding of both the worth of summer-weight fabrics, and more importantly, how to pull a retro look without looking like a douche.

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Veteran Style, Milan


One of my favorite blogs for style, is Advanced Style, which showcases the best street style from around the world, focusing on those that made the 50’s classic, the 60’s revolutionary, the 70’s experimental, and the 80’s excessive.

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How They Got There, Zuriick


We spoke again with Michael McCaleb of Zuriick, to find out a few more details on their thriving business. How’d they get to where they are now, why did the make the exact decisions they made, and how could young entrepreneurs do the same. Take a look at Michael’s take after the jump…

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What Color Is Your Sole?


As we continue our week filled with delicious Zuriick kicks, we wanted to state a few products from Zuriick’s new summer line. If the aesthetics of the shoe aren’t enough, they’re also handing out Zuriick Wayfarers for free with the first 200 purchases in the month of May. Hot damn! Be sure to keep reading after the jump for a look at some of Zuriick’s new products (and some personal favs) with their signature purple sole.

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The Linen Jacket


This gentleman from Japan illustrates how to use a linen blazer properly. The important part of the outfit is to use contrast, the rough texture of the blazer has to be counter-balanced by the smoothness of the pants, the shirt, or with the tie. It’s just about complimenting what you have and making sure that diversity of textures makes your look less flat.

Brooks Brothers Suede Captoe


When it comes to the proper shoes for summer, when you have to dress up, the usual thing you’ll hear are pretty over-done: loafers, drivers, or white bucks. Those are all good and nice, but when you want to bring together something for a more sleek look, say more Italian than prepster, dress shoes in suede tend to do the trick.
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A Classic Edge, Japan


I think this gentleman from Tokyo, Japan is a perfect reflection of how to stay true to one’s roots while getting older. Different times in our lives mean different things, but that doesn’t mean that you as a person are different. I guess this just shows that as we go through life, there is way to represent that change without losing sight of who we have always been.

Osama Eisa

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