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Suits With Shorts, Florence

pitti 29

I am usually no fan of the Suit + Short combo, but if you have to do it then do it like this. This gentleman found by Plastic Choko in Florence’s Pitti Uomo (a conference and trade show of menswear) illustrates Italian Sprezzatura. I just think the hair doesn’t have to follow suit, but I shouldn’t really be talking about hair choices.

Osama Eisa


Sprezzatura, Japanese Style


This gentleman from Japan illustrates the Italian skill of Sprezzatura, the art of looking good, but not like you care about looking good. When I discussed the powers of Gianni Agnelli, it was rooted in his ability to disregard the rules of fashion and put forth his own.

That’s the key to this style thing, in that outside of clown suits, you really can do what you want. For instance, when we talk about “fit” being extremely important, that doesn’t mean that you have to wear slim-fitted everything. That might be your thing, but there are many others who wear wide pants, high-fitting trousers, or billowy shirts to great affect. The key is to know your body and your dimensions so that you can take advantage of what gifts you possess.

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The Legend: Gianni Agnelli


I think our generation really struggles to find a style icon. We’ve thrown around candidates on this blog before; many point to George Clooney or Kanye West as two possible candidates. However, might I suggest that we might be looking in the wrong place for such a person?

Why don’t we look at an Italian industrialist and football (soccer) patron? I have mentioned Gianni Agnelli before, but it is Agnelli’s Sprezzatura that really paved the way for many modern takes on style. Notice the watch that he always wore on the outside of his shirt-cuff; the way his tie is tied, the collar he wore, all directed to being rakish without trying. At least, directed towards not looking like you’re trying.

I will put more examples of Agnelli and discuss what Sprezzatura is soon.

Osama Eisa

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