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That’s Dolce And Gabbana


This gentleman from New York is dressed head-to-toe in Dolce and Gabbana. It doesn’t really look like what people associate with Dolce, but that is what is cool about this image. People associate brands with certain aesthetics, and breaking from that is blasphemous for many people out there.

What is great is that this gentleman finds little need to follow Dolce’s mantra, but he obviously does value Dolce’s styles, fabrics, and cuts. Just because something isn’t necessarily clearly “Abercrombie” let alone “Soo Dolce,” doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it. If it looks good, feels good, and you like it, fuck what name is on the label, this is just fashion, its supposed to be fun, enjoy yourself.


The Dramatic Coat


It is no secret that I am a huge fan of altamira, and this coat, which is quite the find, is a major example as to why.

It is true, it is a very extreme example, espiecially coupled with the dramatic gold of his bag, but, at the same time, it makes me think that I should probably just grab something as crazy as that coat and pair it with something really somber, just to create a new sort of shock-fashion: anticlimatic fashion.

It’ll be sweet.


The Thom Brown Effect


This is an example of how the usually alienating conceptual fashion pushed by Thom Brown can be readily accepted in a more wearable, practical way. Without a doubt, this very New York ethos is captured best by altamira, but it also is a signal to American clothiers everywhere.

While many designers are flirting with fuller cuts, especially in European markets who have been saturated with slim everything, the Americans lag in adopting these slim lines and have just gotten over the full cuts that Europeans are curious for.

I am not sure whether Thom Brown is truly the savior of American fashion, or the New York scene, but I think he offers a way to express that American way that might be less alienating than say Ralph Lauren and more in line with European sensibilities than say Michael Bastian. Thoughts?

Osama Eisa

Layering, Beijing


This guy is from Beijing, China and what amazes me is how the traditional Arab scarf is so universal in fashion today. The guy is fresh and I think it shows how much China has changed in the last 15 years to see how fashion is something pursued by a people who were thought of very differently in such a short time ago.

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