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Do This


Truth be told, I honestly don’t remember where I got this from. Judging from the style, I’m betting The Sartorialist; however, if that is not the case, I’d be more than happy to credit whoever.

The important thing is that this gentleman understands that you don’t have to have a pocket-square, or a piece of silk dangling out of your pocket. Many things can work. You can use cigars (even if you don’t smoke), pencils, crayons, or other mementos that mean something to you. The important thing is to make sure it is modest, as proper flamboyance is a learned art, not an intrinsic nature.

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Speed Racer on Hulu!


Holy smokes! You can now watch Speed Racer on Hulu, which is, of course, for free. The show is iconic, not only for its characteristic high speed races, dialouge, and women (we’re looking at you Trixie), but for Speed Racer’s sartorialism.

Yes, red socks, white pants, and yellow gloves; if he was walking down the street the Sartorialist would take his picture. Relive your childhood, grab a salad bowl, fill it with cereal and enjoy some Speed Racer. 

Osama Eisa

Spring In A Nutshell


I don’t know how vehement the Sartorialist is about his photo copyrights, but he can come see me, I will give him all credit where due. If you’ve been to his blog recently you might have come across this picture from Sydney, Australia. I didn’t even know clothes so fresh came so small. This kid has spring all figured out. Nautical stripes ‘cuz who doesn’t like the water, milky white canvas sneakers to keep the dogs cool. Navy blazer for the brisk evenings. Straw hat to keep the dome piece in check from all the compliments, trendy grey stone wash skinny hipster jeans (that was a mouthful), and last but not least, swagger, as they call it. Damn, all I got was Osh-Kosh B’gosh overalls; stone wash albeit, and Izod-Lacoste polos.

Mikhail Budhai

Grey, Double-Breasted


I realize that The Sartorialist is really strict about his photos, and he should be, but this one is too good for me not to share. We have posted about this guy before, in a white suit, but here he is in a perfect gray, and the contrasting white is superb.

Osama Eisa

A Custom Coat


We have not shown love to altamira for a long time. I have to say, altamira is the best blog for truly practical conceptual pieces of fashion. I was talking with some other bloggers about who is the King of fashion blogs, The Sartorialist undoubtedly came up, but I honestly think with work like this from altamira, it seems that The Sartorialist really isn’t the only game in town.


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