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Suit Saturday: The Shawl Collar


Designers go through periods where they mostly begin to run out of ideas. This happened in the 70’s when they just made everything big (big lapels, big heels, big hair) and more severly with the 90’s (grundge and a terrible sequel to the 80’s) so would I say we’re entering in such a period? Not exactly. You see, when economic times are tough, all designers try and go “classic.”

What does classic mean? That is a whole other discussion, but for the purposes of today, it simply means that using more traditional styles and forms. Topman and J. Crew are currently pushing the shawl-collared jacket, like the one above (from J. Crew).

Beware, this jacket is complex and not a simple blazer, and if you try and wear it like J. Crew says, you’re screwed. Here’s why:

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Stay On Top


Topman, brother of Topshop, who’s BFF is Katie Moss, who used to fuck with Petey Doherty, who might as well be Topman’s spokes-model is, you guessed it, British for the shit. Perpetuated across the mighty pond, and relished in ambiguity here in the U.S. Topman is on the cusp of a massive windfall in the west. Scandinavia gave us H&M, Spain gave us Zara, Japan gave us UNIQLO, and well America has Urban Outfitters and/or American Apparel. Topman can potentially usurp all those at a sublime price point, with truly innovative styles and designs. Not based on trends, but the setting of. Look out for their store opening in Soho, NYC sometimes soon, where the famous Yellow Rat Bastard Store used to be. Below, they’re Fall/Winter runway Design line.

design_1 design_2

design_31 design_5

*via – SL

By: Mikhail Budhai – Style

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