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Lions and Tigers and Bears… OH MY!


Ran across this ABSURD work by A.J. Fosik (thanks to the Magenta Links), in which he creates colorful beasts from what looks to be thousands of thin wooden pieces. How can you not appreciate such craftsmenship? Peek more images after the jumpzzz…

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The Wood Alarm Clock


If you are like me, then you probably really like a clean aesthetic to your living space. Lazybone UK provides this sleek and green alarm clock that while turned off looks like any sort of wood box, but, turn it on and voila, alarm clock.

The only downside is that if you are buying the clock from outside the UK, you will need a power adapter, but, I’m sure you can find one of those anywhere.

Check the clock out here.


Pen, Pencil, Stencil


Pen, Pencil, Stencil is um… really cool. The website includes several creative works from Mark Giglio as well as an online store jam packed with t-shirts, prints and handbags.

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