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How They Got There, Zuriick


We spoke again with Michael McCaleb of Zuriick, to find out a few more details on their thriving business. How’d they get to where they are now, why did the make the exact decisions they made, and how could young entrepreneurs do the same. Take a look at Michael’s take after the jump…

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What Color Is Your Sole?


As we continue our week filled with delicious Zuriick kicks, we wanted to state a few products from Zuriick’s new summer line. If the aesthetics of the shoe aren’t enough, they’re also handing out Zuriick Wayfarers for free with the first 200 purchases in the month of May. Hot damn! Be sure to keep reading after the jump for a look at some of Zuriick’s new products (and some personal favs) with their signature purple sole.

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Eleven at Imagine RIT Festival


For all of our friends in the Rochester, NY area, please join us at the Rochester Institute of Technology tomorrow (Saturday, May 2nd) to celebrate the Innovation Festival. The day long festival begins at 10am and will be littered with an eclectic handful of students, showcasing their brains and brawn. We hope that you’ll take a moment to stop by the Wallace Library, where our booth will be located.

On top of that, we hope all of our viewers will enjoy our nice, new blog redesign. With the help of Pat Cartelli we were able to get things together just in time.

We will also be enjoying the support of guest blogger Adam Contreras from Zuriick sneakers this coming week as well as photos from tomorrow’s event. Keep your eyes peeled!

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