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Fabien Baron Aviators


I have loved aviators, way before it became actually fashionable, well, fashionable again at least. Having an Egyptian father seems to make certain you will be exposed to an odd pair of glasses. When I first started wearing the now popular shades in 7th grade, I got more Top Gun references than a kid named “Maverick.”

These are a pair of Fabien Baron shades, a guy who designed magazines, furnitures, and even advertisements. He has turned to sun glasses and has launched his own brand, keeping the designs simple and classic, without looking retro. 

What I love most about these glasses is that they are logo-free, they are banking on great design and quality as what will push you into buying these glasses, rather than some need to show yet another way that you paid a lot of money for what you’re wearing. 

Osama Eisa


Lego My Kicks Yo


So this is my pick for my first favorite shoe to ring in the new year. These designs by Julia Hederus for K-Swiss are some of the most creative, wearable, and classically innovative designs for sneakers that I have seen in a very long time. She has taken the traditional K-Swiss silhouettes, and with the unlikely inspiration of Legos (yes the building blocks for kids) tweaked them to a whole new level. The high tops are a personal favorite…

Eric White – Style/Photography

Custodial Chic


I’m a big fan of simple, well made, functional accesories. Like this master key ring from Rivy Ng. I don’t usually need 6 sets of keys at all times, and I’m not so into custodial fashion, but in the future as a property owner, the need for a simple and tasteful way to organize your keys is bound to arise and I see no better solution.

More views, and purchasing here.

Mikhail Budhai

Hang out, not Hangover

As we all saddle up for the variable sip-fest that is New Years, I thought it may be helpful to post a few quick tips so that you are not wishing you were dead come 8:00 am, January 1, 2009.:

EAT: Stuff yourself with leftovers from Xmas or any other holiday feast, eat a pizza, sub or 4 or 5 McDoubles. Anything. just make sure it’s something hearty. Don’t worry about the healthiness of it (you’re going out drinking anyways). Food is going to be your first barrier from getting too drunk and consequently drunk dialing an ex or punching an officer.

Drink water: We know that you don’t want to lose your buzz by drinking water between those car bombs but the main reason for those hangover headaches is dehydration. So unless you have an IV to put in your arm before you pass out, Keep yourself hydrated.

Stick with a mixer: Alcohol is alcohol. Dark, light, beer, wine. Its all the same. What messes people up is what they mix it with. Don’t drink White Russians or Bailey’s and then switch to Sour drinks. That will cause some problems in your GI tract. Also, keep in mind, the darker the liquor, the worse the hang over. So if you plan on throwing ’em back, try to stick with the light stuff.

And My personal favorite (that has nothing to do with hangovers)


If you’ve never had a martini, try one. Have a Gibson or a Dirty martini. Try a Manhattan or a more expensive wine. Go for something a little more obscure.  you may find a new favorite drink. and if you’re going to drink beer go, for something a little classy. God knows being from Buffalo, NY my blood is made up of 48 % Blue Light but spend the money. It’s worth it

and last but not least

Have a DD:

We all say we’ll be alright or that were not going to drink that much but better to be safe than sorry. Call a cab or your little brother. I know I will.


Alvin Roberts






























Blackbarrett By Neil Barrett is a line out of Japan that is really interesting. It is a great compilation of quality basics and painstakingly detailed pieces. “A collection that is complex but always essentially desirable and wearable.” Barrett claims that this theme draws from nautical roots, incorporating reflective strips, rope, block-check, and toggles. This stuff is definitely wearable and certainly another strong force out of Japan.

Eric White

Graffiti writing robots from L.A.

Via 50mm Los Angeles.

Some mad genius has built a little robot that writes graffiti. The spray can is mounted to a machine that is pulled around by ropes that are operated by a nearby laptop. This is part of a new wave of machines based on the same concept as your home printer, but they’re being pulled out of the office and put on all sorts of crazy places with all sorts of variables.

This reminds me of artists like jean-pierre hébert and Frieder Nake.

Brett Ruiz

The Breaks

If this doesn’t put you in a feel good mood, I’m not sure what will.

Antonio Aresco

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