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Life’s Little Detours


As I got into my car to head home for “spring” break, I could think of nothing but how badly I didn’t want to be driving. I had gotten only a few hours of sleep the night before, and a sharp headache seemed ever so close to piercing through my forehead. Traveling home for me is usually a nice 2 hour break from the rest of the world when I can zone out, turn on some tunes,  and bid my problems adieu.

This time it was a little different; I sat with one foot on the gas, watching the dismal weather reflect exactly how my body felt: drab. This all began to change when I was sent on a detour. I must admit, at first I was less than pleased to go out of my way, but what was being mad going to solve? Nothing.  I looked to my camera sitting in the front seat next to me, and decided that anything I saw that could be interesting on this detour, I would stop and shoot a few frames. These two images are a sample of what I got. For more, click here.

Eric White


Pen, Pencil, Stencil


Pen, Pencil, Stencil is um… really cool. The website includes several creative works from Mark Giglio as well as an online store jam packed with t-shirts, prints and handbags.

*Via KN

Ryan Haigh

The art of inspiring ones self.

Antonio Aresco

Sperry Spunk


Haven’t Sperry’s always been trendy? I thought so. But it would seem it is only recently the head designers over there have decided to capitalize on the brand’s ubiquity and develop some mod iterations to appeal to the broader demographic now open to dad’s preferred Sunday footwear. Minus the salt stains, and the cracked leather. Styles from their upcoming F/W 09 release.


Mikhail Budhai

That’s A Phone?


Motorola has created a phone that is honestly, the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in a phone. It uses similar technology that is found in high-end watches, with 200 individual moving parts and a 130 ball bearings.

It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a high-end phone, 2 gigs of memory, GPS, mp3 playback, and so on and so forth. The phone is called the AURA and is bestowed with CrystalTalkTM technology that will ensure you have the clearest call possible.

What is the catch? It is a $2,000 phone. I know, I’m as confused as you. For more information, you can check HelloMoto’s site.


The Filson Tote


I know we have been criticized for our admission that we actually support the use of “man-bags.” The problem associated with man-bags is that they seem to have a very “unmasculine” character, but Filson has taken care of that. Filson is an outfitter for all things hunting. They actually have very well-made items that do not have a price that reflects that quality.

This tote bag is made for your every day use, take it to the beach, on your subway commute, to class, whatever. It is durable, rugged and the fabric is double layered for extra durability. It also is made in the USA, and for $99 you really can’t beat it.

Check it out here.

Osama Eisa

Real Men Dig Picnics


I’m not much for a picnic. Lets just say I group picnics with umbrellas. I’m open to most things though, if there is an alluring invitation. Pendleton Woolen Mills has been making fine wool products for as long as fine, wool, and product have been used in the same sentence. I guess I could do the picnic thing if all I had to carry was their Yakima Camp Blanket and Carrier. You just can’t deny how neat the whole package is. If you’re not an outdoorsman maybe you think  the airplane blankets smell weird (which they usually do, but then again the whole plane smells weird, not to mention the the chair back/drool rag) this would be the perfect answer. Maybe you could even roll up a coat and strap on the carrier instead.


Mikhail Budhai

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