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The Monocle, New York


So, forget the fact that he’s paired black with brown, though some do not have issues with that, but let’s just give credit where it is due.

This gentleman from New York has tossed society’s social pressures to the winds, because he does not just wear this Monocle, he owns it.

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Suit Saturday: Wearing a Suit Without Wearing a “Suit”


Last night I was at dinner with some friends, and one of them asked me what exactly constituted the proper attire for going out. I guess many guys think they simply have to pair suit jackets with some oddly striped shirt that they untuck so that they look “more casual” (ps. don’t ever wear a shirt with that many stripes).

Whatever you want to wear to “go out” should be appropriate to A: wear you’re going and B: the weather. If you choose to wear a suit, go full out suit and don’t be embarrassed to do so, you’ll stand out (in a good way) unless you’re going to a Rodeo Bar.

So how do you wear suit elements without wearing a full out suit? Here are my thoughts and suggestions:

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All The Right Details, Milan

met 1

Fit is usually everything in an outfit. If those jeans were a little too long, or that rain coat a little bigger, he would have looked sloppy, unkempt.

This young gentleman from Milan shows the edgier side of Milanese men’s fashion, which is often overlooked for the more tailored and traditional sorts of fashion.

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Perspectives, Zuriick Sneakers



Our guest blogger this week is Zuriick sneakers and multiple members of the company. Several members of the Eleven staff wear Zuriick, who produce both understated and rambunctious styles for the sneaker enthusiast. We interviewed Michael McCaleb of Zuriick so that you could get a feel of where he was coming from.

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The Purple Cardigan


It hasn’t exactly been spring time weather, at least not on the East Coast of the States. This gentleman from London illustrates how to incorporate spring-time color even when there isn’t spring-time weather.

Osama Eisa

Levi’s 501 Summer


We are big on color here. It is no wonder that when we heard the Levi’s were going to push out jeans with some truly brilliant matte-like colors, we got excited.

You can of course snag a pair at 


Kanye, No More Mullet?


I was just going through shots at altamira, seeing all the style from London fashion week, and I saw Kanye West, sans mullet.

Did Kanye actually cow-tow to the pressure of people questioning his choices with the mullet? I wonder if Kanye is capable of even acknowledging that people might have not caught on with Kanye’s hair choice. 

Though, I have to say that cardigan is pretty sweet. 


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